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          The other day, I found these drawings, long-lost documents of desperation, created on that heartbreaking night in Hartford.  The Weenies were in trouble.  Therefore, while Al Kahn, the CEO took our partners out to drink and dine, Mike Strouth and I stayed behind in the deserted design studio of Coleco, toiling late into the night, in a star-crossed effort to save Bunville.  With the Weenies destiny on the line, it was up to us to draw or die.

The following morning, Andy and Adam appeared at the schoolhouse, where together we discussed and listed the potential product features.  And while Andy typed out the descriptions, I frantically made Minolta copies of the drawings.  By the end of the day, the whole package was ready to send to Harvey Zelman, the product manager of the Weenies.

In our hearts, we knew it was too late.  Coleco was in financial trouble, and the Weenies were simply too ambitious.  Worse still, the Weenies didnít have a dramatic product feature, while Sectaurs, on the other hand,  with their creepy crawling glove bugs would look more exciting on TV. 

The presentation began with the one idea that we found the most amusing, Drink and Wet Wee Weenies.  Would one dare call them Wee Wee Weenies?  And it ends with another item that could have been exciting, Machiney Weenie, an action figure construction set.  I find these thirty or so drawings interesting.  They are a curious collection that, in its way, is quite amazing.  They bring me back to better days, when Mike and I together could spew forth a torrent of creativity in a single frantic evening.  Now, I will post this final offering, then let the Weenies rest in peace.