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Colored Presentation Boards & Beyond
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           On the page below, you will see what the pencil drawings looked like after they  were transformed by a copying machine, and quickly colored with markers and colored pencils by yours truly.  Like a half remembered dream that fades at the break of day, twenty years washed all memory of these away.
          Something strange happened to this unfinished concept, on its way to Oblivion.  What began as a “boys novelty” was starting to look like it might have the potential to become a full-fledged Action Figure property.  So I explored a few more drawings, beginning with a nod to my old friend, Max Action from the long lost ANIMAX.  The following five pencil drawings, exceedingly ambitious and complex, were as far as the project went.
          I can’t remember the events of 1996, but clearly, the end of Knight Creatures began when our friend, who was championing the project, left the new toy company he was working with, and moved on to yet another job.  My partners Kiscom and I intended to carry on, but, I guess, some other obligation or opportunity, more imminently pressing than this one, cropped up, and nipped this brief interlude of Flowering Knighthood in the bud.  Thus, this is all there is, the last remaining fragments of a project that was lost and found again, a tantalizing glimpse of things that might have been.