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12 Second Stage Drawings and The Story
         So, here they are the second step, twelve images chosen, somewhat, arbitrarily, to refine.  Because the whole nature of this concept was tentative, I considered  a second drawing good enough.  I didn’t want to invest more time, unless we got some positive sign.  At this point, we also added the first draft of a storyline.  I will interweave it with these drawings.
“Beyond Your Wildest Dreams”
        Imagine an Invisible World that is all around us, a place where Great Battles occur that effect our very lives.  There is no road that leads there, or any map that shows the way, yet, we can travel there in the blink of an eye!  For each night, when we close our eyes in sleep, we might next open them again to behold “The Fabled City of Splendour,” and find ourselves beyond “The Wall of Sleep” in “Dreamlandia, the Kingdom of the Knight Creatures.”

We know “Dreamlandia” as “The World of Dreams” and think ourselves mere “Dreamers” there, never realizing that Dreamlandia is a “real” place, and the dreams we have there are really happening, only on a different plane.  Nor do we realize that the “Creatures” we create in our wildest dreams, remain behind to roam “The Forest of Forgotten Dreams”, and run wild in “The Mountains of Nightmare,” when we Dreamers once again return to “The Waking World.”
         Some of these “Creatures” are Heroic Beasts that embody our Noblest Desires; others are Hideous Monsters, the spawn of our Worst Nightmares.  Others, still, are merely “Strange,” and are endowed with “Strange Powers."  For in the "World of Dreams," a Dreamer’s imagination is set free to soar in Realms unthinkable in the Waking World, and bring forth Forms, more Fabulous than "waking words" are able to describe.
          On the “Plane of Dreams” a great Battle rages, one that pits the forces of Good against the forces of Evil, as “The Dream Warriors, Guardians of the Light” fight “The Knights of Darkness.”
          The key to the Battle, maybe the key to our own destiny, are the Creatures.   For the Knights of Light and Darkness have captured and trained these fabulous Creatures of our Dreams and Nightmares to be ridden into Battle.   They are fitted with outrageous armor and wild weapons, and dubbed the “Knight Creatures.”
          The Guardians of Light are led by “Prince Aurora,” Radiant Knight of the Sun and his faithful Knight Creature, “The Golden Dragon, Borealis,” affectionately known as “Bo-Bo.”  Prince Aurora’s gleaming armor, and Bo-Bo’s glittering scales are made of precious metals that gather and reflect the light.  This enables them to magnify the slightest glimmer to pierce the darkness and illuminate Dreamlandia, and light the Waking World as well.

Aurora and Borealis, with the other Guardians of Light and their Knight Creatures, form a “Dream Team” to protect both Worlds from...
          “The Knights of Darkness!”  They come from “The Kingdom of Oblivion” in the “Land of Nightmares.”  Their leader is “Morpheous," "the Extinguisher of light.”  His hideous Knight Creature, “Frightmare” actually devours light ... and Darkness follows, wherever they go.

The Kingdom of the Knight Creatures is separated from the Waking World by an invisible barrier called “The Wall of Sleep,”  Beyond the Wall of Sleep, the Battle is constantly raging.

As Darkness approaches, the Battle begins, sometimes with a fiery assault, seen as a Blazing Sunset, here on Earth.  As the battle continues, Darkness overtakes the Earth.
          When the Knights of Light succeed in beating back the Knights of Darkness, once again the sun begins to rise, heralding a bright new day in both Worlds!

Should the Knights of darkness overcome the Guardians of Light, then, Eternal Darkness will engulf the Universe - and the Wall of Sleep will crumble, enabling the Dark knights and their Knight Creatures to enter and overrun the Waking World.
          Each night a Mighty Wizard called “The Dream Spinner” chooses One Special Dreamer from our World to join Prince Aurora and the Dream Team.  He protects and guides the chosen Dreamer safely across the Wall of sleep, and invites him to imagine and create a Knight Creature of his very own to accompany him on his Adventure.

Each Dreamer brings his unique talents and Imagination to assist the Dream Team in their Quest ... and if it proves successful, the Dreamer will awaken with a Precious Gift... the Undying Memory of his Glorious Adventure, in Dreamlandia, Kingdom of the Knight Creatures.