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FUZZY BUZZIES and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are
          Here is the entire line of Fuzzy Buzzies, as produced by Playmates in the fall 1998.  This is what they considered the Spring Line.  Playmates, rather grudgingly, sent these samples to KISCOM, and they forwarded ten of them to me.  The three main characters are missing.  Fortunately, I found photos of them on the internet.  Thus, they are represented below.  As the resolution was low, the photos are rather small.  All the images of the rest of the line are actual size.  In a touch of irony: if you look carefully at the toys that were for sale on eBay, (the first on the left below,) you might notice that Flora Flitter’s wing is broken off, already.  This accident took place inside the sealed package.  One need look no farther than this breakage problem to understand one major reason why, after an enthusiastic introduction, and an initial impression of success, the toys did not sell well, in the end.

I guess, as the expression goes, a chain is only as strong as its weakest link.  And, alas, in this case the weakest link was the Fuzzy Buzzies, themselves.  The packaging, on the other hand, was terrific.  It made the toys look quite appealing.  If only this level of talent had gone into the engineering!
          These single items represent the basic line. Each came with a comb to pretend to groom the pompom, and a booklet that told a story, while advertising the other Fuzzy Buzzy products.  The slogan wuzz: Collect ‘em all and have a bizzy buzzy wind-up world of fun!
         This is the back of one of the basic packages. They were all pretty much the same.  Each featured photos of the entire line.  I imagine the same images might have been used in a catalogue, provided there was one for the Spring Line.
          The medium sized items were called the “Bringin’ Up Buzzies Collection.” Each had a mother and baby theme.  Every accessory had a windup feature.  My favorite is the leaf cradle that rocks.  Turning the flower winds it up.  Do I like the small worm-like legless Baby Buzzy?  Not so much!
          The two items that follow were the most expensive.  Playmates called the category: “Gettin’ Around Town.”  Both came in a box, instead of a blister package.  The motors were much more powerful than the other wind up mechanisms in the line.  The walking turtle was considerably more animated and interesting than the box of crayons.
         Below, we see the entire Spring Line of Fuzzy Buzzies, hiding in a mess of moss and foliage.  Whoever did this photography got a little carried away.  The super busy backgrounds effectively serve as camouflage.  Playmates referred to these twelve products as, "The Spring Line," because, even though, they were created in 1998, they were not released, until the early Spring of 1999.