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FUZZY BUZZIES and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are
          Most of the drawings on the previous page were presented in full color.  Playmates never gave them back to me.  Nevertheless, it happened that the year I did these, I had just acquired a computer.  In 1999 an image of low resolution would easily fill the monitor's screen, or print out large on a sheet of paper.  Alas, these images resemble postage stamps on this 24 inch high resolution screen.   In spite of that, I’ll enlarge them as much as I dare, and preserve them here, essentially, without commentary.
          And that was it!  My prototype and these drawings are  everything that Playmates got.  From here, they ran with it. Unfortunately, they never consulted me, along the way, and consequently, made a few mistakes. The next page will offer you a peek at what they made.