Mel Birnkrant's
AMERICANA, November/December 1978
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          Ten years after the article in Life Magazine, Mickey Mouse was about to have another birthday, a golden Anniversary.  This time, he was turning fifty!  And “Americana Magazine” contacted me.  It has been eight years since we moved to the country, and the house was still a mess, half torn up and half torn down.  A second story had been built by yours truly, and my studio was moved upstairs.  But I was still doing all the slow moving renovations, singlehandedly on my own.

The big room that would, one day, become Mouse Heaven was unfinished.  The old walls, made of rough concrete were still crumbling, as can be seen in the upper right hand corner of the photo in the article, and the wood floors were yet to be sanded and polished.  Like the photograph ten years before in Life, I moved the stuff around, before the photographer arrived, and tried to make the place look all right.

To my amazement, a picture of yours truly appeared on the cover of the magazine.  Of course, this was another set up I contrived, and all the objects in it were life sized.  There was no Photoshop to fake out things like this in those days.  The fact that the center of the target formed a ring around my head that resembled a halo was accidental, not by design, mine or divine.  Then again, perhaps, it was fitting as this was, after all, the Christmas issue.
          The article was six double pages long.  Because each two page spread was continuous, forming a big picture, I will post them side by side.
          In discussions about the article, the subject of monetary values, as usual, came up.  The battle, this time, was a tough one.  I did all I could to tone the language down.  We fought over the wording.  And I was not altogether happy with the results.  Somewhere in there, I said, I wished that I could, by some magic, make the objects I collect worthless, again.  Ironically, little by little, that seems to be what’s coming about.  As time has passed, so many of my fellow Mickey Mouse Collectors, have, either, dropped dead, or dropped out!

The aftermath of this appearance in Americana magazine, took a while to materialize, but when it did, the results were spectacular.  Thanks to this article, some treasures that have become my "favorite things" have come my way.