Mel Birnkrant's
ANTIQUE TOY WORLD, Oct. & Nov. 1995
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Living with Comic Characters, Part I 
        A year after Celebrating Celluloid, Pat and Doug Wengel came back again, proposing yet another article. This one would be bigger and better, and appear in two consecutive issues of Antique Toy World Magazine.  Here, for the first time, I agreed to let an overview of the entire collection be seen.  This marked an abrupt turnabout in attitude for me.  For thirty years, I had maintained a kind of secrecy, selectively shunning publicity.  Now, I was going public, so to speak.  The price of Comic Character items had climbed about as high as they were ever going to go, and it became clear that striving for anonymity was not about to keep them low.  I fantasized that letting the collection be known, might make more dealers prone to offer interesting things to me.

That was twenty years ago. Now, looking back I realize that by that time, newsworthy discoveries, and great treasures, yet unknown, were destined to be few and far between.  Nonetheless, I continued to acquire more, on every trip to Brimfield, or the Atlantic City Show.  And, over time, with each new load, this Garden of Iconic Delights, began to appear more overgrown.
Living with Comic Characters, Part II