Mel Birnkrant's
December 25,1995
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          Don’t ask me how this came about.  I recall it began quite casually with a phone call from ABC TV. Then, sometime in the late autumn of 1995, a camera crew descended on Mouse Heaven, where they spent an entire day filming.  The resulting video lasted for about three minutes.  And it was aired on Good Morning America, the following Christmas Morning, very early.  I would think kids everywhere would be far too busy unwrapping presents to watch the likes of me.

The highlight of the piece, comes in the final seconds.  Don’t blink or you will miss it, a fleeting glimpse of my best buddy Peewee, standing on the spiral staircase, greeting Minnie.

Naturally, beforehand, I gave ABC my little speech about not mentioning money, and they agreed.  Unfortunately, the lead-in segment turned out to feature the late Joel Segal, who had interviewed me, 22 years before, at the opening of the Bambergers Show.  I guess no one had clued him in.  Now, here was Joel, live in person, showing off some comic character toys of his own, a Marx Merry Makers windup toy, etc. and boasting that they were, now, worth a fortune, and how much their value had grown!  Then there was a commercial break, after which, this video was shown: