The Life and Death of
Mel Birnkrant presents:
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Some of the many features of this product are:

1. A storage carrying case and action vehicle for MAXx, Mini-Cam, and their make-up cassettes.
2. A compact movie studio with special sound and lighting effects.
3. Holds 12 make-up cassettes with additional space for movie paraphernalia, scenery and props. 
4. Camera boom on top of van extends in any direction. Boom seat holds Mini-Cam for aerial shots and is removable when camera “boom” doubles as a missile firing laser cannon. Boom folds down and clips in place to form a carrying handle for the movie van.

This pint-sized cameraman is MAXx’s sidekick and assistant. Armed with his combination movie camera and weapon, he records all of MAXx’s actual crime-fighting exploits, and later edits them into feature films. No wonder the special effects look so real! Mini-Cam is a master of make-up in his own right and often gets into the action when fantastic creatures of small stature are needed.
5. Passenger side of van opens to become a mobile mini movie studio.
6. Traveling backdrop scenes roll out to provide atmospheric settings for all kinds of movies. Backgrounds have double image features activated by a light inside the van and provide such special effects as  full moon, blazing fires, lightening and explosions
7. Portable movie spotlights plug into power source in van. Additional color filters create lighting effects. Spotlights attach to roof of van to become crime fighting searchlights.
8. Optional cassette recorder in van provides Hollywood background music and dramatic sound effects.
Mouse Over image for Lighting Effects