The Life and Death of
Mel Birnkrant presents:
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               I guess from the above title you can tell, this tale will not end well. But the concept was a good one, and it could have, should have, would have been a Classic.  Had MAXx not encountered  the arch-enemy, Infectious Mediocrity, he might be alive today. Yes, MAXx met his match in Matchbox; and they killed him in the end.

               Several years ago Tom Tumbusch included MAXx FX in one of his many volumes on Action Figures.  He referred to him as “The Finest Action Figure Line that Never Was”.  That sort of says it all, and could well be MAXx’s eulogy, an apt description, and perfect inscription for his tombstone. Although I had loaned Tom photos of "The Outer Space Men" to appear in the same volume, I was surprised to see MAXx FX there too.  I doubt that Tom realized at the time, or even now, that MAXx was mine.

               So Monster Fans, here’s the whole story, a glimpse of what we all missed out on.  Even if you skip the rest, at least check out the Slide Show.  I promise that you won't be sorry.     

Yours truly, Mel Birnkrant