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                  Last  of all, here is the TV Commercial.  If you are one of the few who found   your way to this website, then you are, no doubt, one of the many, who have seen it on YouTube already.
                The TRASH BAG BUNCH didn’t do as well as Galoob expected. Their 1993 catalogue indicates that the second year line was intended for “International distribution only”. I guess, like the Magic Diaper Babies that inspired their creation, things hidden in bags sell better in Europe.  Maybe Americans like to know what they are getting.  At least,  in 1992, they did.

               I don’t know if the "Grab ‘n Dip" Play-Set was ever manufactured. A search on Google indicates that some other accessories were made, although I never saw them.  Well, the fact is, I never looked. 

              There are several secret storage areas in this building, claustrophobic crawl spaces hidden under elevated floors. I built them many years ago when I was more adept at crawling. At the very back of one of these, buried and barricaded behind a multitude of memories, one can barely make out several inaccessible boxes, shipping cartons stamped “Made in Hong Kong - TRASH BAG BUNCH” . They are samples Galoob sent me, direct form China, 17 or so years ago. Could the contents of those mystery boxes include a play set, or any of those attractive triple packs, designed by Daryl Cagle? Maybe there are rare figures from 1993 or merely bags and bags of Trashors and Disposers? I never opened any of these boxes. The task of getting to them now would be monumental.  Chances are I never will.