Mel Birnkrant's
Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of The "TRASH BAGBUNCH"
and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant,
are Copyright (c) BIRNKRANT KISCOM/ The OBB

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                  Clearly, whoever did  the Robots, Aliens and Monsters was into them big time. I have no idea who the authors were. But one thing was for sure:  When all the bubbling and fizzing was over, the figures that appeared were never disappointing. They really were too good to hide in Trash Bags.

Meanwhile Galoob either asked us, or more likely, my partners offered, to show them more ideas, ways to expand and extend the line. The following quick sketches indicate, for better or worse, the direction TRASH BAG BUNCH might have taken if I’d been more involved.  Whoever is collecting these might well be glad I wasn’t.