Mel Birnkrant's
Lullaby Dreamers
"Sleep Stars"

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             So here they are the dolls that they came up with. They looked like carnival prizes to me , and thereís Feces, I mean "Fleecy" right in there with them. Unlike the others he had doll eyes that opened and closed. 
               Now to add insult to injury the dolls all came to me to create amended drawings that would look more like what they produced, Here is a bad Polaroid of the dolls on my desk while I cringed through that process. Below that are the altered drawings, followed by a suggestion for a package that if nothing else shows the effect the glow in the dark elements were intended  to achieve. I doggedly adhered to my original eye configuration, hoping CBS would see the light.
               What Happened next was rich, at least it enriched us. CBS the parent company was having  financial  difficulty,  so they decided to put the toy company up for sale. Every toy manufacturer in the country was considered a potential buyer and invited in to see what they were working on, including Sleep Stars. They found no takers. So in the end they shut the door, and CBS Toys was no more! Meanwhile they had failed to notify us they were terminating Sleep Stars, a breech of contract that resulted in their paying us the full three years guarantee when they could have gotten away with one.

I was almost glad to see the dolls go. Well they didnít exactly go completely; the following  year Kenner, who had toured the CBs design department and saw the works in progress, produced a bedtime concept that looked familiar. 

  Meanwhile here is a final glimpse of Dreamland; the Sand Castle Play set, a drawing from the early days. Oh, would the Dream could come true, one dayÖ.. Dream on!