Mel Birnkrant's
Lullaby Dreamers
                Every night when the sun goes down, a million twinkling stars fill the sky.  The Man in the Moon himself comes out and winks a friendly eye as silently on the winds of night a majestic ship sails by.  It is the Dreamboat, and its Captain is the Sandman, a merry elf-like  fellow, who circles the Earth at bedtime, sprinkling his Magic Sand in the eyes of sleepy children everywhere to transport them to the Land of Dreams.

             One night in his travels, high above the Earth, the Sandman heard a most delightful melody, floating gently on the midnight air from someplace far below.  Enchanted by its beauty, he turned his mighty ship around, following the sound.  It led him over the rooftops of a sleeping town to the home of Luvy Lullaby where she was singing sweetly to her bedtime buddy Catnap, as he purred contentedly.

                “Luvy”, said the Sandman, “Will you join me on the Dreamboat to travel round the world each night and serenade the children with your lovely Lullaby?   You can bring your friends along for company, and I promise you adventures beyond your wildest dreams.”  And thus, began the story of the “Lullaby Dreamers”.
              This project was our second. It followed right after the Weenies. Andy had observed that bedtime was an area of play that had been little explored, and thus the Lullaby Dreamers, our first dolls , were born.

The presentation consisted of Drawings
of Luvy Lullaby and her friends, 5 characters and
5 pets in all, plus the Sandman and the Dreamboat.
"Luvy Lullaby"
"The Sandman"
"Broadway Lullaby"
"Billy Bye"
"Baby Blankie"
"Cat Nap"
"Bubby Bear"
"Snuggle Bunny"
"Star Chaser"
            Later on a new character was added
combined with "Broadway  Lullaby" she was called "Wish-a-Bye"
                  The Columbia Broadcasting System owned it’s own toy company 1985, “CBS Toys”. Being they were right there in New Jersey, Kiscom chose to show them first. Thus, Andy and Adam walked through their door with  14 boards  and a brief story. And an hour later they walked out again with a three year contract that was a Dream come True. Working with CBS Toys, on the other hand, proved to be a Nightmare.
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