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          My self control did not last long. Here one can trace the evolution of a brand new character that began as a variation, simple and affordable.  They say that form follows function, so I had to make those chest plugs I campaigned for stand for something.  The tail-hole, too, was begging to be used.   He grew more complicated, step by step, until he got new legs as well.  As B.L.Z. BUB blossomed into a full blown Demon, my feeble attempts at restraint went all to Hell.

In the end, he got a buddy, “BUSTER”, formerly known as “CHESTER”, with a nod of thanks to “Aliens”, and a personal Imp, named “PRESARIO”. 

  By the way, did you know that all the Imps of Hollow Earth have names that begin with P, ranging from PACT to PURITY, and all stops in between? Patient, Peccable, Perceptive, Pertinent, Perfection!  It’s a name game that you can play, from memory, or with a dictionary.
Blue Man speak with forked tongue!  Will OSM fans lap this up?
         Come fly on Wings of Darkness, into the depths of Hollow Earth again.  Through the Secret Polar Portals, well hidden from mere Earthly Mortals, we pass the Ring of Blackness, where eyeless creatures, blind and hapless, who've never seen, nor been seen, grope aimlessly through the endless caves and catacombs of night, hungering for light.  Now, soaring over Monstro City, Capital of Mystron’s Minions, ablaze with the radiant red-orange energy of effervescent Lava Light, we travel onward, ever downward, beyond the legendary Gates of Hell, and deep into the “Blue Light Zone”, the place where Demons dwell.  Here in the Ultra-violent glow, we meet the mighty “BUB”, Guardian of the “B.L.Z.”.  His bosom buddy “BUSTER” and his Imp “PRESARIO”, affectionately, call him “BUBBY”.  But he is, and will always be, “B.L.Z. BUB” to you and me.
Heeeeeerrrrrrrrrrr’s “BUSTER”!
And his Imp “PRESARIO”!
And the next step…..DEMON LEGS!
Check out the action of that two-piece Tail! I’m playing with this on the page.
I’ll have a “B.L.Z. Deluxe Complete” with a side order of Blue Light Blaster!  The Happy Meal from Hell!
GLYOS FUN with pencil and paper!
More FUN, still, with Extra Arms!