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           “PLUTONIUM +”, like all inhabitants of the sub zero Planet Pluto, is, essentially, a being formed of Frozen Energy.  The Refrigeration Unit on his chest permits him to exist in solid form, even on planets that are warm.  With it, he can the remain cool, calm, and collected, and keep his act together, in even the most temperate weather.  Or he can choose to “turn up the heat ” and dematerialize, before our eyes to, once again, become Pure Energy.  This is an amazing sight to see, solid matter transforming into transparency, while massive bolts of electricity, shoot out haphazardly, in all directions.  Then, with a mighty Crack of Thunder, they gather into a single beam to travel through the vast reaches of Outer Space, at Lightening speed.
           This guy was originally called "PROTON +", fitting companion to "Electron +", with "Neutron", maybe, waiting in the wings.  The Horsemen remarked that it sounded like a laundry detergent.  LOL!  They're Right!  So "PLUTONIUM +" is his name, for today.  He is, essentially, Electron + in the process of defrosting and turning into Pure Energy.  The basic figure remains the same as Electron +.  The bolts of electricity should be transparent styrene, faceted to catch the light, and his body, in fact, the entire figure, would either be transparent light blue or clear, with just the silver painted on. Thus, his joints would be transparent too.   These exposed transparent portions might have an overspray of a very subtle paint, that I discovered for the first time, just the other day, a magic transparent iridescent blue.
          So, here’s PLUTONIUM + in all his glory!  Notice the helmet holes, a tricky touch to let the electricity flow.  And also note the scepter.  The Horsemen adapted and improved upon it for Electron +.  The burst of bolts on his refrigeration unit needs to be thick enough to have both a Glyos hole and plug. It is inserted, behind his belly button.