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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT

            On the third satellite of Alpha Centauri, an experiment in cloning went awry, giving birth to “METAMORPHO” and his twin brother “OHPROMATEM”.  Mirror images of one another, they are opposite in every way.  “Right” in one is “left” in the other.  Thus, the “Good” in Metamorpho became “Evil” in his brother.  The cloning process never ended.  Therefore, both brothers are able to transform themselves at will to take on the appearance of any creature in the Universe, except, ironically, each other.  Being as different as night and day, each went his separate way, setting forth, many centuries ago; one, intending to explore the Universe, the other, to exploit it.  By taking on the physical characteristics of the most hideous inhabitants of the different worlds he visits, OHPROMATEM is able to stalk among them, making mischief.  In his soul, as black as coal, he dreams of meeting and defeating METAMORPHO.  Thus, OHPROMATEM searches through the vast reaches of Outer Space, seeking to discover the one face he cannot replicate, that of his twin brother.
          This one was a real no-brainer.  Nonetheless, it’s rather clever, if I do say so myself.  Just a simple color change, and three or (hint, hint) maybe, more new faces.  And just in case he ends up in any early color waves, a cape to make him somewhat different.  So to reiterate: the Color will be just the opposite of his brother; what’s white is black and black is white, a negative image.  For the cape color, I like that delicious transparent purple Matt uses, from time to time, in the Glyos line.  I never saw a transparent cape before.  It might be something a little different, but then again, I’m unfamiliar with the World of Action Figures.
          As for faces, I have no preferences, beyond the basic skull that I believe should be a given. I just had fun adapting images that momentarily caught my eye, while looking on the Internet.  I could have gone on playing that game forever.  One only has to choose two more…….  Or maybe five (hint, hint, again).  An attempt was made to consider what part of each face would actually be visible with the helmet in place.