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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT

"VULCANO The FIRE KING of MERCURY" blazes through the firmament in his "Chariot of Fire”, shining brightly, like an incandescent filament in the vast vacuum of Outer Space.  Dare he venture forth into the colder outer regions of Planet Earth and beyond?  Maybe so, but on this journey, he is heading in the opposite direction.  Guided by his navigator, the elusive Bird of Fire, and fueled by his own burning desire to discover the “Secret Source” of all Life Giving Energy, "VULCANO The Inextinguishable" is heading towards the Sun, itself, like a moth drawn to a flame.  Will he find the answers he is seeking, or be consumed by the Sun's radiance, instantly incinerating, in a Blaze of Glory?
      What we see here are actually two separate characters.  The first  is an update for the existing INFERNO to become “RAGING INFERNO”.  And the second is “VULCANO The FIRE KING”

In my relentless campaign for Fiery Orange Styrene flames, along with a helmet hole to let the ambient light illuminate them, let me state the obvious:  All the flame parts in these drawings are intended to be Transparent Fire Orange, possibly Day-Glo.  And All the Helmets have a Hole in the back to let the light in.  For those who are not familiar with what I mean, click HERE.

The drawing, above, represents a Updated Variation of INFERNO.  His head becomes two-faced, like Janus, the Roman God of Transitions, able to be rotated inside his helmet to alter his expression from Slow Burn to Raging.  This will not affect the lighting.   His helmet will also get ear plugs, so he can let off steam!  This is actually a step back from the drawing below, which was done first, adapting the RAGE factor to the existing Inferno.  The chest blast in the sketch above is optional.

Below we see “VULCANO”.  He goes beyond Raging to Roaring!  In fact, he’s literally Blowing his Top!  Again, even though, the altered helmet is open on top, it still needs a hole in the back as well, as this   directs the light  to, effectively, look like its coming from below.
          And here are his Accessories.  They, too, should be transparent Orange Styrene.  His Sword the VULCANIZER would be painted gold or silver; color to be decided later; only the flames remain orange. The Staff itself would be painted metallic, so just the FIREBIRD will glow.
          Voila “VULCANO The FIRE KING” in Full Regalia!  His body color will be decided later.  Maybe, fiery metallic Orange, like Inferno’s OSM Vehicle if that color is achievable, if not,  perhaps, Gold.