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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT
          As the 21st Century began, America was in decline, struggling beneath the crushing weight of Bureaucracy, its air polluted by vast quantities of Methane Gas, emanating from Washington DC. When, suddenly, the Finding Fathers changed everything, by discovering the Element, “Puranium”. Invisible to the na-ked eye, which makes it difficult to see, Puranium proved to be a source of boundless Clean Energy, by generating “Levity”, the polar opposite of Gravity.

Aboard the “Starship USA”, propelled by great waves of Levity,  “JACK ASTEROID”TM, and his Crew, “TERRA FIRMA”TM “LUNA ECLIPSE”TM, and “ZERO GRAVITY”TM, sail forth to probe the farthest reaches of our Galaxy. Their “Anti-Gravity Generators” contain a single atom of Puranium, enabling them to Levitate, on every World in Outer Space. Endowed with Super Human Powers, they operate, outside the Law of Gravity.
         As I explained on the previous page, Jack and terra were created hand in hand, beginning with the standard body, specifically, that of Metamorpho, with its helmet holding neckpiece.  If Terra had the same neck fitting, then her helmet would fit them both.  Therefore, although, my goal was to create Terra Firma, I knew that Jack Had to precede her.  The rationale was that all the accessories, the helmet, the weapon, the gadget on their back, and the flag, which by the way, turned out to be one accessory, I learned the hard way to regret, could be used to generate a male astronaut by using the basic body parts of Mystron and merely adding a new head.  But Terra Firma’s size had to be slightly smaller than him, or she would appear to be an Amazon.  So, when it came to determining Terras final proportions, the figure of Jack Asteroid was standing there beside her, all the way.
          Coming from 40 years in the toy industry, working with the 4 Horsemen was a new experience for me. If the OSM were being done by a a major company, the first 13 original figures would have been “Year One,” along with a Playset and some vehicles.  While they were still in production, without any feedback as to whether they would sell or not, I would have already been designing an even bigger group of products for Year Two.  In the Toy industry whole Worlds can be created in seven days.  But working with the Horsemen was more like Evolution than Creation.  And it seemed like the first 13 figures were Evolving slowly, over Centuries.

Then, suddenly, after a seven month delay, in which the 4H were tending to other interests and priorities, and I was losing all hope and Faith, Eric suddenly surprised me with a head for Jack Asteroid.  And I loved it!  This is what I said:  "I LOVE HIS FACE , JUST JACK ASS ENOUGH!  YOU DID GREAT! WHAT EVER YOU DO, DON’T MESS AROUND WITH HIS FACE!  IT'S GREAT! JUST GREAT!.  HE HAS A LOT OF CHARACTER, AND A COCKINESS ABOUT HIM THAT I LOVE.  I REALLY THINK YOU ARE ONTO SOMETHING, HERE, THAT IS GOING TO BE A GREAT SUCCESS!  MATT MASON WITH AN ATTITUDE, INSTEAD OF SQUEAKY CLEAN.  THANKS , AND BEST REGARDS MEL"

  I had a few minor points to point out.  The photos below, will explain.  Erics’ actual sculpt is on the left.  My computer visualization, how he should look when the slight alterations I was suggesting were made, is on the right.
           Needless to say, the final sculpt, and Jack, in general, came out great!
          I had some fun with the reflection in Jack’s helmet. It is actually Terra Firma, her reflection, anyway, photographed  in a Christmas ornament.  Jack reflection in her reflected helmet was done the same way. There is also a reflection of an actual lunar lander, shot on the moon.  The flag in these photos is simply a piece of paper I printed out on the computer and glued to the pole.
          This final photo is a Flight of Fancy that portrays Jack and Luna enjoying anti-gravity.