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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT


  DEZDEMONA, the Woman from Hollow Earth, is MYSTRONíS sister.   Among the Beauties of the Nether World, she reigns supreme!   On moonlit nights, she leaves the caves and caverns of the Demon World, behind, to fly into the midnight sky, and enter the habitats and dreams of mere mortals, like you and I.  Those humans, who have a touch of evil in them, perceive only her haunting beauty, and thus, embrace her, willingly.  But, those, among us, who are pure in heart, and say our prayers at night, Fear Not!  For DEZDEMONAíS heavenly body is inhabited by an invisible entity that all good men can clearly see, and flee.  With gaping maw and grasping claw, it feeds upon the corruption in menís souls.  What evil lurks in the heart of man?   Only DEZDEMONA knows.
          OK, I am going to have to rationalize this one.  Why does ďDEZDEMONAĒ have a demon intermingled with her body?  One reason is because I like the one that I designed already for B.L.Z. BUB, who is obviously never going to happen.  Another reason is as follows:

Mystronís helmet is extremely wide; wider than Terra Firmaís shoulders, so, clearly, something with overhang was going to have to be built up there to hold it.  I considered some sort of bat wing collar.  With that, or without it, this figure stood a good chance of looking like a turn of the century carnival reveler, the sort of image one finds in a 1920 Dennison Halloween Catalogue.

Claws, on the other hand, would hide the overlap and look much more exciting.  I really liked the glowing red tail on Mystron, in the Cosmic Creator series II.  With the head emerging from her tummy; a new belly button needs to be created, anyway, because that single dot from Mystronís chest is not enough.  Lit from the inside, it will really look like her body is infused with an alien entity. 
         In all, she will need a new head, a new upper torso, with arms sculpted as part of it, a new navel, in this case, with a demonís neck and head, and a hole in her derriere, into which Mystronís tail can be inserted. 
       She will be cast in clear red PVC. Her face will be white, with black around her eyes.  Her hair and horns will be gold, like Mystronís, with the back of her head unpainted so it can emit light to illuminate her glowing red unpainted eyes. Her body color is yet to be determined.  Her wings, staff, and weapon will be black.  And her helmet will be the same orange as Mystronís.  It has a lovely glow about it. Thatís all for now!

    Best Regards, Mel