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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT

         Of all the Seers on the Planet Saturn, XODIAC’S daughter, “HORROSCOPE” is the most all-seeing.   A “Third Eye” in the middle of her forehead, enables her to scope out intergalactic events, not only “in the here and now”, but also in the distant future.   Nothing escapes her penetrating gaze.   Her powerful intuition enables her to predict the course of Destiny, month by month, and day by day.   Her nose for news, and other people’s business, can sniff out scandalous behavior, not only, on her native planet Saturn, but also on far distant Worlds, light years away.  Tuning her Crystal Scepter to the vibrations that resonate from the biggest satellite dish in the Universe, Saturn’s Majestic Rings, HORROSCOPE can” ring up” her interstellar friends, to hear the gossip of the Stars, from Jupiter to Mars, and “dish the dirt”, across the Gulf of Outer Space
          “HORROROSCOPE”, I am not completly sold on this name, but it relates to Xodiac, and, therefore, so does she.   An alternate was “Astro-Logical”.  But that name implies brains, wisdom and clear thinking, and might be better saved for use on a future character that better embodies those traits. 

  As you can see, I am riding on my recycle.  This head is too good not to use again., not that it has been used a first time.  Here is the problem I was faced with: Xodiac is an abstraction.  So introducing a human looking female that qualifies as “attractive” in human terms, would be both illogical and comical, not to mention arbitrary.  Also, I happen to love this head.  With its reverse helmet, it is too good to waste.  I also see a way to make her eyes light up!  You know I love that stuff!  So, this previously unnamed character now becomes a female.

What was needed was a head of unearthly demeanor that could look vaguely feminine.  Looking at her, from afar, I realize that those snorkels remind me of the curly locks of Shirley Temple.  Yes, she could clearly be a female.  Her allure is subliminal.
          The head will possibly have to be made in two parts to be moldable, besides it will be more fun that way.  Imagine the bottom part with Orbitron’s brain.  The helmet is the same, but turned around.

The basic PVC color will be a nice bright red or red-orange.  The head and joints will be warm blue paint.  The body will be metallic red.  An area on the back of the head will remain unpainted, with an interesting shape.  This will allow the three large eyes to illuminate!  As it’s all there, the possibility that her bellybutton , which is going to have to be fabricated, as something must fill the hole in her tummy, could light up.  Or it could just be an oval disk with an image of Saturn printed on it, as the one on Xodiac’s chest.  Or it could be a flat oval dusk with the area surrounding the planet painted so the flat image of the planet could light up.  This would be a nice change!   And as the potential is there, her chest might light up too.  

         The colors will be the same as the earlier drawing below.  Her scepter and weapon can be the same color as her helmet, which is what Xodiac’s accessories are now.