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         MOLTINA, the Molten Woman of Mercury, is the hottest babe in the Galaxy.   Not content to merely melt hearts, on her native planet, Mercury, she travels through the frigid depths of Outer Space, aboard an incandescent Chariot of Fire.  Her mercurial libido is ablaze with inextinguishable desire, as she passionately strives to oxidize with every Outer Space Man she encounters, along the Milky Way.  Therefore, all ye sailors of the Starry Sea, Beware!   MOLTINA’S smoldering kisses erupt in tongues of flame.  To mate is to incinerate!   And many an ardent would-be lover, drawn to MOLTINA, as a moth is to a flame, has been known to self-immolate, in her fiery embrace.
        “MOLTINA” The Molten Woman of MERCURY has evolved.  She will consist of a new head and tongue, with the same upper torso used by Terra Firma and Ohpromatem.  She will also use Inferno’s fire, weapon and chest emblem, inserted in her navel.  She will need new fire shoes and flaming gloves.

Her head is intended to resemble liquid mercury . Thus the helmet holder will appear to operate as a sort of cup, to hold the mercury, which puddles over the edge a little, the way that mercury does.
         The painting will be simple.  Paul has mastered and perfected it, by now.  It is, essentially, the same method that he used on Inferno in the Cosmic Creators Series One, and the updated Infinity Series, with one difference:  On Cosmic Creators Inferno he painted the silver first and then the red-orange overspray.  In this case, all he has to do is reverse the order.  Paint the entire figure red-orange first, then paint the masked off areas in the brightest silver available.  She is supposed to resemble liquid mercury.  Only two colors are necessary.  The silver areas should not cover the flames on her hands and feet, the accordion joints, the area directly behind her bellybutton, as just the plug hole is not enough to light it fully.  The two dots on her chest, her eyes and tongue and a large area on her back need to be left without silver paint, as well, to emit light. 
This is one character that could still exist with a male equivalent,” QUIKSILVER”.  They make quite a pair!