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         From a secret base, beneath Earth’s Oceans, “COSMO NAUTILUS”, Great Warrior of the Planet Neptune, takes command!  He is a direct descendent of the first men of Neptune, who landed on the Earth, many centuries ago.  Those early Explorers found Earth’s atmosphere, consisting mainly of H2O, to be both friendly and abundant, and almost identical to that of home.   Earth’s inhabitants, on the other hand, seemed far too primitive, to have created the great marble monuments that lay in ruins across the land.  Then, these curious Cosmonauts, discovered the Great Library of “Lost Atlantis”, and learned that beyond the border of breathable water, there lay a Fabled Country, known as “DryLand”, where beings of a higher order, also bore the name of “Man".
         For all you tenacious tentacle lovers, Cosmo Nautilus, should fill the bill!  He has a lot in common with his buddy Astro, using the all the same tentacles, only more of them, and a few new curled end segments for grasping and holding objects.  He will also need to have his trunk truncated, and three Glyos Plugs put in its place.  The present tentacles are used for trunks.  I know this works, because I did it before I drew it!  The only other change would be two tentacle plug holding disks added to his belt.  The bottom halves of each disk would be attached to it, while the top halves would remain free to allow the existing torso to rotate.
          What’s that you say?  You want More Tentacles?  OK!   All that takes is the removable chest emblem, we all wish he had from the get-go!  That, with the existing back hole, will make room for two More Tentacles!  That’s Eight in all, just like an “OCTO” puss!
          And, last of all, his weaponry: an "INK JET", (I wonder if the refills are expensive?) to obscure the “atmosphere” with inky blackness. Then with the built-in Harpoon, “Let em have it!”   And, being a person with a propensity for punning, I LOVE this one:  a "RAY GUN".uble click to edit