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          POSEIDA, Warrior Woman of the planet Neptune, was a member of the Band of Triton Mariners that accompanied ASTRO NAUTILUS on his virgin voyage to the Blue Planet.  POSEIDA so loved Earth’s majestic Oceans that she remained behind to guard the “Citadel Beneath the Sea”, home base for the growing Neptune Colony.  Astride her trusty hippocampus, “Sea Biscuit”, she commands the Neptune Cavalry.  Her sharp eyes stalk the enemy, as the brave Mariners of Neptune fight a never-ending battle for survival, against the Denizens of the Deep.    Unlike the surface race of Humans, who need only fear each other, those who have colonized the Watery World, below, must be on guard, continuously.   For, in that subaquatic domain, emigrants from the Planet Neptune are not high on the “Food Chain”.   Whales, and Sea Serpents, big and scary, refer to them as “Calamari”.  
          "POSEIDA" is pretty conventional, but not conventionally pretty.  First of all, I like her name, POSEIDA, POSEIDON, NEPTUNE; Get IT?  She is pretty much straight forward; no tricky lighting.  What you see is what she’ll be.  The tricky part was trying to draw and visualize that two sided shell, I’m not sure that I succeeded, but you get the idea. I realize those eyes are ugly, but, at least, they save her from being ordinary.
          The real trickery here will be in casting that complicated head.  If the space between the two side tentacles is wide enough the mold for the lower half of the trunk might be able to sneak up between them.  On the other hand, it might be necessary, and fun, for the trunk to be a separate piece.  It could have that tiny plug like Alpha Seven's feet.  Molding the head will be facilitated by the fact that the shell is separate. 

In all, what will be required is the head, however it’s done, a new four shoulder upper body, and a new bellybutton to fill the existing hole.
          Color-wise, I visualize her cast in the same purple as the original Infinity Astro Nautilus.  That way, his tentacles can be used on her, and I like the solid color better than the more matt paint on the update.  She does have a tummy hole and a back hole, which are both available for tentacles. The belly button will be the standard colors, and her outfit is yet to be determined.   I may color one up, later.  My guess is that I will have plenty of time.  The shell will be some iridescent pearlized colo.  The front part of her eyes will be gold, like those of Astro Nautilus.

That’s basically it!  Eric, when I thought of Outer Space Women, I never thought of this one, but at your suggestion, it works!