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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT

       On the third satellite of Alpha Centauri, an experiment in cloning went awry, giving birth to “METAMORPHO” and his twin sister “OHPROMATEM”.  Mirror images of one another, they are opposite in every way.  “Right” in one is “left” in the other.  Thus, the “Good” in METAMORPHO became “Evil” in his sister.  The cloning process never ended.  Therefore, both the twins are able to transform themselves at will to take on the appearance of any creature in the Universe, except, ironically, each other.  Being as different as night and day, each went their separate way, setting forth, many centuries ago; one, intending to explore the Universe, the other, to exploit it.  By taking on the physical characteristics of the most hideous inhabitants of the different worlds she visits, OHPROMATEM is able to stalk among them, making mischief.  In her soul, as black as coal, she dreams of meeting and defeating METAMORPHO.  Thus, OHPROMATEM searches through the vast reaches of Outer Space, seeking to discover the one face she cannot replicate, that of her twin brother.

OHPROMATEM lost his window of opportunity, although, he was a clever variation!   But Wait!  Maybe it’s not too late!  Being a master of transformation, he metamorphosed into a woman!  Will he be more attractive that way?  Of all the New Outer Space Women, she is both the simplest and most complicated, and, in some ways, the one that I find most exciting.  Why?  Because of the innovative lighting!

She uses Terra Firma’s upper torso, so all she needs is a new head.  Her neck piece is already ready for Metamorpho’s helmet.  I chose three faces that were drawn up for her when she was a man.  And they are three ugly ones.  I didn’t want to waste space with a basic female face.  Let’s face it; does anybody display Metamorpho with his human-like face showing?  No!  Compared to the two creature faces, it is boring.  So I said, “The hell with It!”, and went with the basic skull, a black widow spider (that’s a female), and a sort of devil demon.  All three lend themselves to dramatic lighting.  A female face does not.  But if you think it man-datory to have a pretty girl, one of those heads can be replaced.  Of course, what would really be exciting would be an extra set of faces.
          The lighting is the exciting part.  The basic figure, like the corrected version of Metamorpho, will need to be transparent.   And it will be painted black and white, in reverse order.   This will give a nice bright white, and will also permit exciting lighting.   A little experimenting will be required.  If you would like me to work out the head paint, I’ll be glad to do it.  The head and helmet will be critical.   And the back of her torso will need to have a large area unpainted to illuminate her Belly Button, formerly on Mystron’s chest, and the two unpainted circles on OHPROMATEM’S chest.   Eric, so far, you have been daring with Terra Firma. I hope you will have no objection to leaving two small areas unpainted!  The same paint mask will be used on the female Inferno figure.
         The area hidden behind her bellybutton should remain unpainted to better emit light, and black paint should also stop at the two small dots on her breasts.  The unpainted area, on her back of her torso, will emit light to illuminate these elements.  An area on the upper back part of her helmet must remain unpainted too, to emit the light that will illuminate the eyes of all three faces.  The balls on Mystron’s weapons came out fantastic.  That kind of transparent color is essential to this concept working.  I’d like to see the balls on her weapons, the ball on her head and her belly button rendered in a rich warm purple, like the one that Matt, sometimes, molds pieces in.  The dots on her chest should be painted that transparent color too.  The open area on her back might be that color as well. This will, perhaps, give the purple of her chest and tummy extra intensity.  It might even be enough to paint the open back that color, and let it color her breasts, like the color in Electron +, Cosmic Creators II colors his transparent head.

  The same quality of transparent color should be used on elements of her face.  A carefully determined area on the back of her helmet will remain clear of any paint.  There is a section above the heads that also does not show in the round window.  The head will depend on transparent colors.  There will be a base coat of silver, to supply the opaque and as an undercoat, and reflect light on the interior.

The demon face will then get an overcoat of red orange and that same color will be sprayed over the sculls red eyes, and also at the top and back of the head opposing them.  Yellow transparent on the devils  eyes and on the open top behind them.

The scull will be painted white, with black in the eyes and nose, leaving the eyes to glow red.  These eyes, by the way, should be distinctly sculpted with the red areas raised, so they will clear the black paint.  Red also on the clear part of the head, at the top, behind, it will make the eyes glow redder.   The spider eyes will be transparent blue with color at the top back too.  This is hard to explain.  It would be a lot easier to just let me paint it, or send me a transparent copy of the head helmet and torso, and I’ll work it out.
         Last of all, I want to point out a curiosity that I mentioned to you before.  I sent you the art, below, a long time ago, and I’m sure it is lost and forgotten, by now.  Below, is the original type panel from the original Metamorpho package, which you reproduced on the current package.  Below that, is the same header with the letters of his name printed backwards.  But, more curiously, all the colors are created by simply pressing the inverse button on the computer. Like Metamorpho and his Sister, they are completely opposite.  The colors on the OHPROMATEM label are simply the original colors, reversed.  It’s all natural.  Only the line of purple type has been artificially colored.        
Well, that’s it!  It sounds complicated, but is actually simple. It's just hard to explain!  It’s all done with paint, and the lack of it.  It was Paul’s brilliant touch of using transparent clear PVC to get a pure clean white on Metamorpho, and that great transparent paint he used on weapons that led to this idea.