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       Behold the Mighty ASTRODITE, First Mate to Commander Comet!  From the Lofty Peaks of Mount Olympus, to the Mossy Mounds of Venus, ASTRODITE’S Celestial Beauty and Heavenly Body are celebrated, far and wide. Aboard the Colossal Cloud Ship Cumulous, she travels by Commander Comet’s side.  Together they explore the deepest secrets of Creation, on a never ending journey that takes them to farthest reaches of our Galaxy. Courageous in the heat of battle, yet at the same time soft and gentle, ASTRODITE’S magic touch can induce a fallen Warrior to rise.  On gossamer Wings of Victory, she rules the Cloud Planet’s Enchanted Skies.
          “ASTRODITE” has been considered a “done deal” for a long time.  Along with TERRA FIRMA, she was the one other OSW, considered a sure thing.  God! I LOVE her name!  Few names that good remain, in a world of entertainment that gobbles up everything, with a voracious appetite for new delights that leaves few fruits as fresh and succulent as this, still hanging on the tree.  Most everything these days is recooked leftovers, or fruit that dropped and began to rot, but nonetheless was picked up and served again.

Her look, on the other hand, is purposely old, old by several thousand years or so.  It is intended to be based on the Greco-Roman Goddess of Love, “Aphrodite” in Greece, and “Venus” in Ancient Rome.  Curiously, throughout the ancient World, her effigies have always looked the same.  The same distinctive brow and nose, appears again and again in classic art, across the centuries, and reappears again, obviously by design, in the movie “Prometheus”. 

That is the look I have tried to achieve in ASTRODITE.  Well I actually copied it verbatim, as I no longer have the skill and energy to interpret it in terms of the Outer Space Men.  Eric, that will be up to you, and the medium.  Size alone will dictate necessary change.

The hoses, of course, must be sculpted to clear the helmet, which means that they will overhang the shoulder sockets.  The small hoses on the sides of her body may have to be eliminated if they conflict with her arms, too much.

  I think this works out fine.  If cost was no object, I would have considered replacing her winged staff with a long bow, Dianna style, and a quiver of Eros over her shoulder.
         Of all the OSW, this is the most natural; just a new head and upper torso.  The neck must be altered to grab Commander Comet’s helmet.  His chest emblem will be used in her navel.  Actually I might have preferred to see just a realistic navel, sculpted there, but the hole is already there, so it has to be filled, and it does establish a consistent style throughout the line.
    Her COLORS: will be the same as Commander Comet, with two changes. 1. The Gold of her body should be BRIGHTER than his. 2. Her hair should be a medium light warm blue metallic, about the same value as Comets hair.  This should look good through the pink helmet and mix a nice shade of purple.  All the rest will be the same as Comet, the flesh color on face and joints, the same emblem color, and the same color wings.
         Last of all, I include this quick computer” sketch”, just to get real about the head.  You might just build up the nose and forehead and rounded out the chin on Terra’s head.  Then replace the hair.  The answer could be as simple as that.  It would capture the essence of the “look” and keep the results consistent with the line. The eyes can be a lot like Terra’s, maybe a little less eye shadow.