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All Original Toy Concepts, Written and Photographic content is Copyright MEL BIRNKRANT
          Letting sleeping bears lie, we took the concept one step farther, and woke them up!  This is another one of those products that were suggested by taking a common phrase literally.  This one is obvious:  When these pets wake up, they “Rise & Shine.” The first of the colored drawings illustrates the fact that when these animal friends are set down, they slowly fall asleep, and snore.  So Sweet!
          The diagrams were extensive.  And if one were to take the time, they might figure out how Rise n’ Shine Pets operate.  Trying to cover all the bases I included many variations.
         And then, when you wake them up, they’re so happy to see you that their noses glow with glee!  Incidentally, should the need arise, they could also guide Santa’s sleigh, on Christmas Eve.
         Carrying the metamorphosis even farther, in this final variation, both pets are transformed into alarm clocks.  Like most of my toy inventions this one is both avant-garde and outdated at the same time. They don’t make alarm clocks like these, anymore!  Kids no longer neet to learn how to tell time, in this age when everything is digital.
            In this next drawing, as I am often inclined to do, I subtly slipped into the realm of the surreal.  The kitten wakes up with an alarm clock in her tummy and the dog acquires an alarm clock that resembles a puppy.  They wake up noisely, with barking and miaows.
         I guess, I don’t need to mention the fact that the concept didn’t sell.  This was another instance, in which a working prototype might have helped.