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All Original Toy Concepts, Written and Photographic content is Copyright MEL BIRNKRANT
         My quest for missing artwork that I’m convinced exists, has taken a curious twist. Rather than finding what I’m searching for, I’m discovering amazing things instead, including many ancient sketches I forgot I ever did.  Among these long lost artifacts, one group of drawings, in particular, jumps out at me, I have absolutely no recollection of ever doing these.  They envision a line of watches that fall half way between “sort of neat” and “over the top insanity.” 

Each appears to be a windup toy, combined with a digital timepiece. This illogical combination of two diverse technologies, intended to be worn around one’s wrist, adds up to a wild excursion into a world of impracticality.  Would you wear one of these?  I don’t believe that colored versions of these sketches ever existed, or surely I would remember them.  This concept was far removed from anything that KISCOM  knew how to deal with, or who to show them to, therefore, once they got the drawings, they never mentioned them again.  There are seventeen drawings, in all, of which the final five are totally off the wall.
         I can pretty much conjecture that the first twelve were done at a single sitting. 
          Clearly, my energy wound down, as they deteriorate into the world of sports, a subject, for which my enthusiasm has always been several degrees below lukewarm. 
          And then, on drawing number twelve, I thawed a little, and lukewarm became Luke Skywalker.
          These five final flights of fancy were, clearly, done on a second day.  Up till then, the concept had no name.  The term, “watches” hardly explained their unique qualities.  Thus, I dubbed them “Wrist-O-Rama,” an expression that harkened back to “Cinerama,” the ultimate extravaganza of the movie’s early days .  Their features and accessories give new meaning to the expression: "everything but the kitchen sink!"