Mel Birnkrant's
Mel Birnkrant's
All Original Toy Concepts, Written and Photographic content is Copyright MEL BIRNKRANT
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          I’ve been bumping into this concept for what seems like an eternity.  Every time I stumble across it, it hollers out “Please scan me!”  This is one of those ideas that proved, under the circumstances, to be a total waste of time.  In as much as it really wasn’t a toy, my partners had no idea who to show it to.  Because of that, I don’t believe they showed it to anybody.

In spite of that, I still believe it was a viable idea.  I know if I was a little girl, I’d love to have magical brushes, like these.  Each variation on the theme involved glitter floating in a transparent compartment filled with water.  Running through the whole brush repertoire, I envisioned brushes for everything from hair to teeth, and all stops in between.

The concept began as an enchanted pony, flying through a glittering storm of stardust, and over a transparent rainbow.  The bristles of the hairbrush would be rainbow colored too.
          Another variation involved the crescent moon, a favorite image for me, floating in a firmament of stardust.
         And here’s a couple of hairbrush animals.  The kitty with a hairy handle, encourages a child to be “Neat and Purrrrrrty!”
         This hairbrush doll is probably the strongest idea of the group.  It’s both a hairbrush and a toy. 
          Speaking of toys, my mind wandered off to glitter filled ponies, without brushes.
          My thinking was that these magic toothbrushes would encourage kids to brush their teeth.
         Last of all, I threw in this sketch that visualized a series of Magic Glitter Pens.  These could easily be adapted to licensed properties.  Alas, they like all of the above ideas, they didn’t really apply to the toy industry.  I guess that explains why the presentation boards for all of these concepts have remained here with me. 
          And here are "Sparkle and Shine," two beautiful pony brushes.  What’s not to like?