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         Yesterday was a day of discovery.  Putting this latest website together has turned into an adventure, a true search for buried treasure.  Sixty or so entries onto this page later, I find myself reliving an era, the era of the Pinky Bears.  Therefore, I’ve decided they belong here.  After the Weenies, Sleep Stars, and Animax were over, my partners and I were, essentially, starting from scratch again, trying to scratch out a living, in the daunting industry of toys.  One ray of hope and happiness was Pinky Bears, a concept that went everywhere, but, in the end, went nowhere.  They carried us, from Worlds of Wonder to one toy company after another.  And when their odyssey was over, they ended up back here, hibernating in this rambling schoolhouse.
         So, yesterday, I set out to find them.  The quest took an entire day.  But I enjoyed it, for along the way, I found a treasure trove of amazing things, bits and pieces of the past that I no longer knew existed.  Things that were tossed aside as refuse, in their day, now revealed themselves as precious treasures.  Meanwhile, I could not find Pinky Bears.

In the darkest corner of my studio, there is a secret stairway that has not been used for years.  It was once the only means, by which one could get upstairs, before we installed the spiral staircase.  Now, it has become a dead storage area.  On every unused stair, alongside an eight foot ladder, there sits a plain black briefcase.  Each one contains the remains of a once hope laden concept.  Periodically, throughout the day, I worked up the energy to drag one briefcase after another up the stairs, until, by evening, I had retrieved them all.  None contained the Pinky Bears.

Finally, late last night, with every option, and myself as well, exhausted, I decided to give the back staircase one last try.  Thus, with flashlight in hand, I struggled down the steps, again.  At the very bottom, farther than I’ve been in years, I discovered a briefcase that had tumbled down the stairs, and wedged itself between two boxes.  Thus, in the darkness, at the bottom of the stairs, I found the Pinky Bears.

Now, on this July, 4th morning of the year 2016, here they are!  If you move your mouse over the briefcase to remove the foam protector that has been there for a quarter of a century, you will see the entire presentation, just as it appeared in 1990.
          Apart from the actual figures, of which there were too many, there was also a series of presentation boards.  On the back of two of these, was a long typewritten explanation of who the Pinky Bears were, and their various features.  Feature-wise, they didn’t have many, apart from a little pop tail that permitted them to hold in place, when snapped into accessories.  Originally, it was my intention that they should be covered in that kind of flocking that I mention on the Weather Pet's page.  It changes, from pink, in fair weather, to blue, on rainy days.  That element is alluded to in the ballyhoo, below, but it is presented more as a storyline than a feature. 

This is the write-up.  It was, originally, twice as long as what you see below.  I eliminated a second page that spoke about suggested merchandising.  As you might note, in our youthful exuberance, we overstated everything.
          The first board was a large one.  It represents the only time we presented a sort of photo collage of various snapshots, mounted together.  Much of the Pinkly Bears appeal was visual, and we wanted to help them put their best paw forward.
          The following three boards were packaging suggestions.  I must admit I find these pleasant.  Like the bears, themselves, and many of their accessories, the title lettering on the packages would also be enhanced by fuzzy pink flocking.
          Many of the elements that were destined to appear, time and again, in my toy inventions were introduced, right here, at the beginning, from the use of flocking, to the multiple facial expressions of the bears.  These elements appeared often in the items that followed, from the expressiveness of Baby Face, to the last project I did, Friendz ‘n Family, that became the Play Along Club Dolls.
         Last of all, I made this little video.  The quality was crude, and the editing was done by hand, on two separate VCRs.
         Last of all, I made this little video.  The quality was crude, and the editing was done by hand, on two separate VCRs.
          So that, my friends, was Pinky Bears!  They are still fresh, clean, and pristine, in mind mind and spirit, after all these years.  And, throughout it all, they have remained forever happy and upbeat.  Three Cheers for Pinky Bears!