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          “Sweet Scents” was a very early concept, one of the first that KISCOM and I attempted, right after the Weenies.  But the concept harkened back to an idea that was even earlier than that.  It was, in fact, reminiscent of the Mickey Mouse Seed Shop that I had visualized for Colorforms in 1974.  Both concepts featured a huge display that I hoped might appear in stores, across the USA.  The images, below, are the only evidence of this project that remains today, a set of badly exposed slides that I found in a folder, among a box of business papers that KICCOM sent me, years ago.  Now, I realize why I forgot about this project so completely; some might say, mercifully.

Like so many of the visual themes that I relied upon, over the years, the characters were related to the colors of the rainbow.  And, in this case, an appropriately matching scent.  The heart of the proposed property consisted of a line of dolls, each one of which represented a different flower.  And every doll was actually a perfume atomizer.  They all held in their arms, either a baby, or a pet that expelled a spray of perfume from its snout.  The secret bottle that contained what, I guess, would have been “toilet water,” was concealed under the petals of the doll's dress.  And the atomizer bulb that one had to squeeze to dispense a squirt of scent was actually the dolls soft vinyl head.  Good Lord!  Trying to describe this now, I realize why it didn’t sell!

Here are the six basic dolls, stereotypes, all!  I don’t recall If they had names.  But, naming them, even now, would be simple, the name of each flower would do: Rose, Bluebell, and Tiger Lily, etc.
This is an x-ray view of how each atomizer doll might be constructed.
         Then carrying forth the theme: here’s some Powderpuff Friends and Pets.  They dispense bath and baby powder with a scent.
          And here are two sweet and modest items.  The first is drawing depicts scented deodorizers to hang around the house.
          The second is a throwback to my childhood. I was always intrigued by the sachets of flower petals, roses and lavender, that hid in my grandmother’s drawers.  The scent of these appeared to last forever.
          Here are some grooming accessories, stray pet combs and hairbrushes.  And there is even  lipstick.  It’s “just pretend.”  I know you can’t put lipstick on a kid.  Perhaps, this might be scented chap stick.
       Here are some more accessories, flower pens and notepads, and Secret  Scent Dispenser Jewelry. This could be an item on its own.
         Covering all the bases, here are some scented zipper pulls.  Then on the right, I really like this transparent soap, each with a tiny doll inside.  It was a lot of fun to draw, trying to achieve the look of transparency with magic markers, was not as challenging as I thought it would be.
         I also like these Baby Sponges for the bathtub.  The images are the essence of simplicity.  This really is a different concept.  Perhaps, it should have stood alone.
          Back in more familiar territory for me; here is another item that should have been a standalone.  These drawings represent a series of collectible flower charms, with secret solid scents inside.
          Last of all, here is a Table Vanity, on which a kid could display her entire collection of Sweet Scents Dolls and accessories.
          And finally, the crowning glory and ultimate fantasy, a grandiose Sweet Scented dream.  The Sweet Scent Center.  Wouldn’t it be lovely if this could have happened?  Just imagine!  A display like this one, in every shopping center in the Nation!