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          The cold and desolate planet Pluto is too far from the sun to derive its heat, and, thus, the very atmosphere lies frozen, and life as we know it cannot exist.  But there, at the very edge of our solar system, the great Intergalactic Winds that blow between the stars carry with them great masses of cosmic energy.  In the beginning, this living energy bombarding the frozen planet did itself freeze to become living matter, and , thus, a mighty race of beings began. Created of energy, they can become energy at will.  And ELECTRON +, from his laboratory in Electra City, can transport himself throughout the Universe as a beam of light.

  The Four Horsemen nailed “Electron +”, right from the beginning.  Their first shot hit the bullseye.  One quick sketch later, he got plugs in his head.  From a guy who never heard of Glyos, a year ago, I have become a “Glyos Moonie”, driven by an uncontrollable compulsion to add plugs, anywhere they will go.  What will Electron + do with four holes in his head?  I’m sure the fans and friends of Glyos and the Four Horsemen, those big boys who play with toys, will know
        Electron + was first revealed to the public, in February 2011, at Toypocalypse, the Four Horsemen’s retrospective four-man show.  The photos below were shot by various visitors to that exhibition.  I love Electron's electrifying staff: don’t you?  That was a nice surprise!   If you click on the photos below, a link will take you to the original  blog or review.  Below the photos is the latest update from the Four Horsemen in person.
"Next we've got Electron+ - the second wave 4 figure."
"You'll notice that there seems to be many parts missing from this Electron+'s tooling pattern when compared to the other figures in these two waves. That's because all of the parts that are missing from this image are parts that are shared with characters from Waves 1 and/or 2.  That means that those parts have already been tooled, and we don't need to include those in the new tooling pattern.  The two ear discs on the sides of his head will be separate and removable as seen in the image, but the two domed plugs near the top of his head had to be solidified onto the head because of tooling costs.  Once Electron+ is a complete figure, he'll have a total of 22 parts."
The FINAL PRODUCTION FIGURE.  Close-up photograph by Matt Doughty.
The FINAL PRODUCTION FIGURE.  Close-up photograph by Matt Doughty.
The FINAL PRODUCTION FIGURE. Close-up photograph by Matt Doughty.