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         Far below the surface of the dying planet Mars, the descendants of a once great race live on.  Above them the majestic cities have long since crumbled and the vast canals lie buried beneath a silent sea of rust red sand.  With time and water running out, ALPHA 7 and the other members of the Martian armada travel the Galaxy in search of a suitable planet to make their own.  Their frequent reconnaissance missions and landings on our Earth have given rise to what most Earthmen consider “wild stories” of “flying saucers” and “little green men”.
ALPHA 7TM The Man from MARS
        If a picture's truely worth a thousand words, then these first photos say it all.  Is this a Home Run, or what?  I’d call it a GRAND SLAM!  The Four Horsemen hit this one out of the ballpark on the first pitch!  They dared to tackle the challenge of ALPHA 7’s relatively tiny size, head on, and not “give an inch” to make him easier to manufacture.  I understand they are working on some sort of accessory to increase his perceived value.  Some might see this as necessary, others, maybe not.  Just the fact that he exists in perfect scale with all the others is, in itself, a Mini Miracle.
         ALPHA 7, made his debut in February 2011, at Toypocalypse, the Four Horsemen’s retrospective four-man show.  The photos below were shot by visitors to that exhibition.  I searched the Internet, high and low, to find them.  If you click on the top two photos, a link will take you to the original source. The bottom photo, showing all four of the new figures together, is my favorite.  I’m glad I saved it when I saw it, as since then, it has disappeared.  OH! WOW! Scroll down, past the photos, for the latest update from the Four Horsemen themselves!
"Outer Space Men waves 3 & 4 are currently chugging along in production in hopes of having Alpha Waves of both by San Diego Comic Con 2011!

We thought we'd give you a little sneak peek into the production end of things by showing you the tooling pattern parts that we recently sent out to the factory, and hopefully we'll have more "in production" shots to show you in the coming weeks.

First up is little Alpha 7 - the first figure in wave 4."

"Our original plan was to include a cool little rocket backpack with Alpha 7 that we'd created which included removable wings, rocket pods, missiles and even rocket flames! Unfortunately, tooling dollars on this wave came in a bit higher than we'd anticipated, so some things had to be cut and some minor compromises had to be made. As it is, this little fella's STILL 16 separate parts! Hopefully we'll see that backpack reappear in some future incarnation of OSM.

Also, see those little pegs at the ends of his arms and legs? We're hoping to turn those into small Glyos type connectors! If this works, there'll be LOTS more applications for those down the road both with The Outer Space Men AND with Onell Design's Glyos figures! Keep your fingers crossed..."

The FINAL PRODUCTION FIGURE.  Close-up photograph by Matt Doughty.
The FINAL PRODUCTION FIGURE. Close-up photograph by Matt Doughty.