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          Able to transform himself at will, METAMORPHO set forth many centuries ago, from the great star Alpha Centauri, to explore the Universe.  By taking on the physical characteristics of the inhabitants of the different worlds he visits, he is able to walk unnoticed among them and study their ways.  In his travels, he has changed himself into so many wild and alien forms that he has long ago forgotten what his own was like.  Thus, METAMORPHO has come to know all the strange and wonderful beings in the Universe, and understand the “Oneness” of all life everywhere.
         Once more, the Four Horsemen display their prowess in this fully realized METAMORPHO, capturing the essence of what he was intended to be, had he steeped into the World, originally, some 40 years ago.  This, and indeed, all the Outer Space Men, represent something of a departure for the Four Horsemen.  Well known for action figures, bedecked from head to toe in amazing detail, like a well trimmed Christmas tree; the Outer Space Men are, by contrast, the essence of simplicity.  And the Fabulous Four have captured that quality perfectly, with elegance and symmetry.  The detail is there as well, focused like a laser, where it needs to be. 

Check out these greatly magnified heads below.  It boggles the mind to realize that they were sculpted actual size, in a ratio of “one to one”, with major facial features no larger in width than the space between lines of an average finger print.  The heads shown in the photos are not prototypes, or one of a kind.  They are just a run of the mill production models, picked at random from the actual production run.   As you can see, the paint jobs are meticulously perfect too. 
         Again, the photos that follow were gathered from the Internet.  Each represents a Blog or REVIEW.  Clicking on each will carry you to its original source.  Then, Click, below them, if you are ready to visit the Four Horsemen’s Store.  By the way, if you contemplate collecting the entire set of Outer Space Men, someday, it would be a good idea to get the first four now, as they well may be sold out, by the time the next four appear, later this year.