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       Saturn is the most beautiful of all the planets. Its symmetrical rings give it a matchless grace. And there is nothing like them anywhere else in the solar system. Constructed and placed in orbit by the Elders, millenniums ago, they give the people of Saturn complete mastery over the force of gravity on their planet.  Thus, all work is done by perpetual motion, and men can fly above their world in great machines, tuned to the frequency of the rings.  Freed from manual labor, the men of Saturn have developed great wisdom, and the wisest among them is XODIAC.  It is said of him that he can tune his Staff to play upon the great rings; the music of the spheres, resounding throughout the Universe, to be heard by wise men everywhere.
          Right from the beginning, Xodiac was the most mysterious of The Outer Space Men.  He was a mystery to me then, and remains one till this very day.  Where did he come from, this enigmatic entity?  His visage did not appear in the pages of a magazine, nor was anything remotely like him ever seen upon the silver screen.  Was he was just a wiggle of the pencil, an idle doodle?   Maybe so, but, nonetheless, his silent features caught my eye and spoke to me, without a mouth.  I remember that moment in time, 40 years ago, should I give him one? I asked myself, with pen already heading towards the paper.  Whoa!  Every fiber of my intuition told me, No! 

And what, exactly, was that curious configuration that took place where his mouth might be?  Could it have been a beard?  The thought that it might be one never occurred to me, throughout the years, until just a few weeks ago, when drawing this character again, I realized that if that area around his chin were painted white, like mine, it could, indeed, become a beard.

Once again, the following photos were gathered from the Internet.  Each represents a REVIEW. With Special THANKS to “NoisyDvL5” of “It’s All True.Net”.  He has chronicled the Return of The OSM, every step along the way, with honesty, enthusiasm and some of the best photography on the World Wide Web.  Clicking on each Photo will carry you to its original source.  Then, Click below when you are ready to visit the Four Horsemen’s Store.