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GEMINITM The Man from the Twin Star ALGOL
          High above the roof of our World, the twin star ALGOL - in reality, two stars, a massive Red Giant and a Blue-White Dwarf - shines its double light upon its only planet, the tiny World of “MU.”  Its inhabitants, though small in physical stature, are said to possess the greatest intellect in the Universe, and many of them have mastered the power of mind over matter.  Thus, GEMINI has built great cities by merely “thinking” them to be, and through the power of thought alone, created the Majestic Ship in which he crosses the voids of Outer Space to visit other worlds.
          Gemini started out great!  Here are the first photos that Eric sent me.  I thought the head and body was perfection, and using Alpha Seven’s arms and feet was also OK.  It looked like this one was going to be smooth sailing all the way
         But there was one point, at which I took exception, and that was using Alpha’s inarticulate Upper Legs!  There would have to be a new hip piece anyway.  I was requesting that there also be a newly crafted upper leg; one that plugged in from the side, as did all of the other OSM, all that is except for Alpha 7.  This would, not only, permit the figure to sit down, but could plug into the chest plugs if desired, and be used on other figures too.  A more traditional hip piece would also allow other larger figures legs to be used on Gemini.

Who would have guessed that this issue would turn into sticking point, and a week of argument would ensue?  The Horsemen were enamored of Alpha Seven’s upper leg!  And they were determined not to let me pull it!  Our discussions covered every aspect of the situation, from price to proportions.  Along the way, I resorted to all my most heavy handed and hyperbole laden powers of persuasions, in an attempt convince the Horsemen.  Below is an assortment of visual aids that I cooked up to plead my case.  Also included are a few quotes to explain what they portray.
         I do have one suggestion, one requested alteration, a case of being penny wise, outcome foolish. Looks like what you are saving is mold cost on the upper legs, comes at a high price in playability. I would like to see you change his lower torso which is a new piece anyway. And instead of reusing the limited and essentially useless Alpha 7 upper legs replace them with the traditional OSM configuration that are more articulated and plug in sideways. This would involve one small piece, as both upper legs can be the same.

Upper sketch conveys the idea,,,
Lower paste up previews the impression. With time to spare I would have emulated upper accordion curves, but this shows the general impression the wider lower hips and upper legs will convey.

          With this arrangement the legs can bend and also be used elsewhere, on the chest and on other figures.  This will also permit other legs from other figures to be used on Gemini’s body.  Without this arrangement, Gemini would be useless in terms of pose-ability interchangeability and play, paralyzed from the waist down.   As Alpha’s upper legs can only be posed in the one position, that, which will let him stand, while what I am suggesting will allow the figure to sit down.

I've done an overlay, below, with a suggested upper leg configuration, and also comparing the
paste up to the original, which looks truncated by comparison.  I feel more comfortable with the figure, on the right. The   figure on the left looks truncated, somewhat, like the famous Johnny Eck;  not quite enough lower torso there; no body from the belt line down.
     After much discussion, a week later this arrived:

Hi Mel,.Here is an image of the Gemini with the new leg and hip style. This
is about as small as we can get on the components and still keep the
joints in place. If you are happy with this, then we are good to go.

Bingo! Good to go!

There are two issues I have to mention though,
1. Please make sure it doesn't tip, and that the belt thing is even on both sides.

2. Please note:  Head and dome arrangement; some alterations will be necessary, heads thinner?  Shoulders wider?  To make sure two tapered helmets will fit on. This is a critical measurement.  Also the disks have to be widened to grab the inside diameter of the helmets.  This has to be pinned down right now.  It means that the disks have to be the same size as the openings on the helmets, if this makes them wider than the depth of the body, it should be adjusted now.  This is a close tolerance, so helmets should be crafted, and then necessary tweaks made to heads, ears etc.

PS. Maybe lines on lower torso, maybe not. Maybe, better plain. You decide, Best Mel

  On top of body both disks with helmets applied should fit in place.  Now if the body is flipped two belt units should fit in place on the reversed body piece as well.  And head disk should take the place of belt unit on top.  You might want to make bottom of tapered body slightly wider to fit head unit better and lock the helmet in place.  As shown below, when placed on top, helmet would slip right down . 
Best Mel.