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   The Outer Space Men, have a long history.  Their ancient origins are buried in the sands of time.  Stories told in myth and legend, fleeting glimpses on the silver screen, the OSM have made their presence known, in one way or another, long before they revealed themselves to me, in 1967 A.D.   I sensed it right from the beginning, sitting there with dog-eared issues of “Famous Monsters of Filmland” spread out all around me, while images flowed out of my pen with a facility I had never known before.  The feeling was kinda spooky, yet at the same time, comfortable.  This journey into Outer Space was proving all too easy, as if some outside force was guiding me. 

     More than once, I lay awake at night, considering the possibility that mysterious entities from Outer Space might, indeed, be invading Planet Earth, through me.  First their images, in the form of toys, would infiltrate children’s playrooms everywhere.   And then, when they had become familiar, the Real Outer Space Men would appear.   Would they turn out to be friendly?   Even though I was supposedly their author, I really didn’t know.  There, in the dead of night, a shiver ran up and down my spine; was it fear and trepidation, or excitement and exhilaration?  I didn’t know that either, at the time.  But I knew I loved what I was doing, dangerous though it might be.

Oh, to be young again, and indulge oneself in a budding toy inventor’s delirious delicious mid-night Fantasy.  Now, 45 years later, thanks to the awesome talent of the fabulous FOUR HORSEMEN, the best toy sculptors in the business, and the amazing ingenuity of MATT DOUGHTY, an inspired toymaker, with whom I sense a deep affinity, the Outer Space Men Have returned to Earth again!

     Meet the “FOUR HORSEMEN”:
by Mel Birnkrant
          Four geniuses, living in New Jersey, their meteoric rise to Fame as the Master Sculptors who brought Mattel’s Masters of the Universe to life again, has already secured for them a lasting place in Toy History.  And that’s just the beginning.  Their work on DC Classics, Marvel Universe, and original toy lines of their own, like 7th Kingdom and Gothitropolis, has won them a loyal following of adoring fans.  A visit to their WEBSITE will dazzle your eyes! 
CLICK photo to read INTERVIEW
CLICK photo to read INTERVIEW
          I met Matt on a 3 hour phone call that lasted well into the night.   Although, he’s nearly half a century younger than I am, it took me just a few minutes to realize that he’s an old and kindred soul.  As toymakers, we were cast in the same mold.  Matt does it all, from concept and design to execution, then he produces and sells his original creations himself.   The Action Figures he creates and manufactures are truly unique.  They are all based on his own invention, which he calls the GLYOS System.  Each Glyos Action Figure is made up of many pop-together parts that are easily interchangeable.  They can be taken apart and reassembled to create an infinate variety of combinations and characters.  The parts are universally compatible and can be combined with any other figure in the Glyos line... as well as any of The Outer Space Men. 

          Matt has generously loaned both his expertise and manufacturing abilities to this project.  His amazing GLYOS System has, not only, made it possible for the OSM to return to Earth again, it has also enabled them to Explore New Frontiers of play and creativity.