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OK You Guys! this one is easy! if you have the Alpha Wave, and you don�t do it, you are Crazy...or Lazy!

Metamorpho got away from me a little. I assumed from the photos I showed the 4H from my website, as well as those that they showed me, that it was self-evident that Metamorpho suit was white.

And I kept hassling them that the photos looked dingy. Oy! It wasn�t the photo; it was the color of the suit itself that was gray. That�s one factor, not a big one. Some might actually prefer it that way. I myself would prefer a running change. The Guns, by the way, are sort of right. Right in that they are white, but I would have preferred that they were molded in transparent pink styrene, deeper that what you see there, and the gun part painted white, another concept I failed to communicate.

Now here is the Good News! There is one aspect of the Original Metamorpho, that was also not discussed, but thanks to the Alpha Wave we can have it anyway. The original Helmet was intended to be molded in TRANSLUCENT WHITE! This would enable the changeable faces to be bathed in light.

Guess what? The Helmet on the Alpha Wave Metamorpho is JUST RIGHT!

This photo shows the Helmets Exchanged. The head on the Infinity Full Color Figure is illuminated while the other is obscured in shadow.
Here are my original Directions to Hong Kong, Circa 1968
FIX TWO: OK, Be Brave! Don�t be afraid! You guys who are intending to exchange heads and flames on Inferno in favor of semi-transparent ones. This is what you have to do!

Well before I tell you. Feast your eyes on the results!

First I used the Yellow Inferno flame, and added a few pieces of the Orange Styrene that I wish it was, just to show that Fire Orange Styrene sure knows how to glow! Someday I pray the Orange styrene will come! Meanwhile semi transparent yellow will have to do.
And here is the �BLUE FLAME INFERNO�
And this is HOW IT�S DONE! Don�t hesitate �IT IS �OFFICIAL�, spoken by the �Master�s� Voice. You can do it! You wont rue it!
1. CUT HOLE IN BACK OF HELMET AS SHOWN! I started it with an Xacto knife. Enlarged it with a Dremmel tool. It�s pretty soft , a drill or anything will do. Then I trimmed it up a little with the Xacto knife. This was my first and only try. I think there is a lot of leeway as to shape and size of hole. It doesn�t show at all from the side .

2. PLACE LIGHT SOURCE ABOVE AND A LITTLE BIT BEHIND. This is just my overhead desk light, anywhere you p[lace it will catch the light.
Hey Guys!

Tired of waiting for Inferno to burst into FLAME before your eyes?

Do you want Your Inferno to look like this guy?
All it takes is a Beta Wave Yellow Inferno and some Waterproof Orange Ink. This brand, Dr. Martin�s, which I found in my drawer works Great!

I applied it with an air brush, but a regular brush will do. Try several thin coats, as the surface wont absorb it. The ink tends to puddle, but you can mop the puddles up. Let it dry between coats. Be patient and build the color up in thin layers.

Don�t let this scare you. It�s easy. If you think you screwed it, up you can wash it off and try again. As the surface is so complicated, imperfections do not show. Well, that is, unless you have Baena�s sharp eyes.
Don�t forget to paint the flame part of the gun, I did, that�s why I had to use a brush after I cleaned the air brush.

Then with a regular brush and some silver paint, paint the gun.

That�s it!
Alas, if you don�t have a Beta Wave Inferno you�re willing to sacrifice, and can�t find an affordable one on eBay, I�m afraid you�re out of luck. I�m still hoping the Four Horsemen will supply a customizing pack someday.

There was one side effect that turned out to be a nice surprise. I have been stressing the superiority of styrene for flames. The softer plastic that the figure is made of, although quite transparent, seems slightly milky.

To my surprise , with the glossy ink applied I discovered that the slight fogginess is actually a characteristic of the surface. The ink makes it appear totally transparent, and helps, considerably, to catch the light.

I guess you all remember about cutting a hole in the back of the helmet. It�s still posted somewhere below. Some of you expressed a certain reluctance to attempt it, feeling it would show. The photos below display how unobtrusive it actually is. Not seen from the back or side, and visible from only a narrow position in-between. Certainly no worse that the hole in the back of other figures

Then place the figure somewhere with a light source above and slightly Behind. The FLAMES will catch the light and come ALIVE!