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GAMMA-XTM The Man from the 4th DIMENSION
         Although we cannot see it, the World of the 4th Dimension is all around us.  Right here and now, but in a different plane and dimension.  GAMMA-X, by activating his Time and Space Materializer, is able break through into our 3-Dimensional World and make himself visible to us!  Like the many 4-Dimensional beings who have visited our World before him, he is able to walk through what we regard as solid walls, appear and disappear at will, and seemingly defy the laws of gravity.  Throughout history, mankind has tried in vain to explain these visitors from another dimension by falsely attributing to them some supernatural origin, never realizing that the beings we call “ghosts” are really Men of the 4th Dimension.
         GAMMA-X was still very much a work in progress.  The Correspondence below conveys some of the give and take. He looked pretty far along at Futuretro, but his Exo-Skeleton, and how it would be resolved, remained to be seen.  These photos arrived at a time when my computer was down, so I could do no overlays.  Thus my corrections had to be written with images created on Photoshop, using Windows 98.
Mel, This is the start of the Gamma X.  We have the head, torso, and crotch worked out and we are working our way into the limbs. We would like to get an approval on the torso and crotch as soon as possible so we can cast a hard copy to work over for the exo shell.  We have the forms of the head blocked out, but are going to shrink it down a bit more. Thanks, Eric
          Hi Eric, Yes this is looking good, I agree the head may be a little big, the neck especially.  Some of the stuff you are doing on the leg looks more interesting than mine.  My first thoughts are to make sure the torso is symmetrical.  The head looks like it’s looking upward slightly.  This is supposed to be geometry that defies all earthly logic, so as long as the figure is in some sort of human proportions, there is room to play around,

          Arms look a little long; torso looks a little short.  More on the torso might be in order. The height here can be tall, as the device on top comes off, and can be packed separately.  The important thing here is to make the figure thinner than you think, so when it gets its exo-skeleton it doesn't end up looking fat!  Looks like you are on top of this; I see you have left spaces to fit the exo-skeleton...  Remember also that the figure has to be thin enough for the back part of the shell to form 90 degrees...
Hi, Eric, This really looks Great!
I do see a few minor things that you should take a look at. In general, make sure all the lines are CRISP, all the corners SHARP. The forms should be strange, but definite. Round plugs very flat and round. The engraving process may clear this up. 

1. The hands: make sure they firmly grasp the weapon. The thing on his head should be able to be held by his hand as well, interchangeable and visa-versa.  The hole formed by the grasping hand and the hole in the top of his armor should be the same, the rods should match as well.  Those ear things you have there are GREAT, by the way!  I was wondering if you were even going to attempt them!  WOW!

2. The head: Please trim it down just a little on the sides.  The ears are perfectly placed.  I'm just suggesting shaving a little off the sides.  Thus the plugs will appear to protrude a little more.  Also, make the Neck a little less wide.  Sharpen up the definition and interest in the back of the neck and head.  WHY? That is because it is the head area, where the reflecting mirrors have the best chance of being effective.  They will reflect the back of the neck and head.  There should be some details for them to reflect.  And also if the head and neck is too wide, it will block the view of the reflections.

3. Hips: The tops of the hips should be angled more like the original. The geometry is getting mushy there.

4. The Feet: could be built up a little on the middle top, or instep, to minimize the clown shoe look.

5. The Ankles: Did you decide not to slit them and make them separate?  I leave it up to you to decide.
This whole ankle area is somewhat flat wide and bland from the front view. I scribbled there to indicate something more interesting happening, not necessarily what I drew. The back views of all the extremities are great.

That's it!  If you didn't do any of these minor tweaks, it would still be terrific.

THANKS, and Best Regards, Mel
       A few days later Eric sent more photos. They were nearly perfect.  I made some minor suggestions, written below, and keyed in to white lines, drawn on the actual photos, with windows 98.
For the exo-shell, an issue we have noticed is that if we keep it identical to the original, it will hinder the hip articulation. Our potential solution is to reshape the front of the shell into more of a "T crotch" formation. Please let us know your thoughts on this.
          Is this to allow the legs to bend and the figure to assume a sitting position?  How important is that really?  Seriously, I find that there is absolutely no leeway in positioning the legs in these figures anyway.  All of them have only one useable position, sometimes very hard to ascertain.  Even the slightest deviation from the proper position will cause the figure to tip over.  So locking gamma's legs in place, which I believe was your intention when you left those narrow areas in place above the accordions, is definitely my preference.

          I really like those two dots that stand in space in front of his hips.  If you alter the configuration, won't they have to be eliminated?  This” T crotch” will also alter the bulky box like enclosure that is his persona and domain.   If you wanted to leave the lower side of his skirt open, that would be OK; it would give a little wiggle room to adjust the figure.  But I would let “look” trump leg bending, in this case.  The ability to sit down on the seat of his pants, straight legged, is not going to be the choice of many; such a juvenile sitting position!  I believe they would rather he looked neat!  I think hip articulation is worth forgoing in this case.  It’s the dots standing in space, and the fact that he is encased that make this guy exciting, not the fact that he can bend his legs.   Best Mel
          This is where GAMMA-X stood to date.  He appeared at Futuretro, looking Great!   Whether, or not, his Exoskeleton got a “T crotch”, or Two Dots, remained, yet, to be seen.  
          That was then, and this is now.  A year and a half have flown away, and here is Gamma X, today.  I am assuming that the final version will Glow, so trying to make the photos of the final model a little more exciting, I made some of them appear to do the same.  Here is a group of photographs. This is only the rough exoskeleton, heavily retouched by Photoshop.  The final version came out great!