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          The very idea of Toy Collectors playing with the toys in their collections is altogether new to me. Although, as a collector, I have acquired more toys than many, I never play with any. Even Pose-ability is a concept thatís alien to me.  I do attempt to position each new aquisition carefully, and place it, lovingly ,in just the right spot in a showcase,  And there it stays, if not forever, at least, for my brief slice of Eternity!

I grew up in a world where there was no such thing as Action Figures.  The closest aproximation to them were the small lead soldiers that sold for 10 cents in the dime store. They were hollow, and frozen in position.  Articulation was not in the equasion.  Often set aloft in the heat of a raging battle; one, in which everything in the room, including the books and other objects that made up each opposing fort became airborne. They broke, easily, upon hitting the floor, casualties of World War II, fought out in the living room.

Nor did I conceive the Outer Space Men as Action figures. They were bendable, simply because Matt Mason was bendable.  There had been nothing like them, before them.   And there remained nothing like them, no action figures, for several years thereafter.  I saw them as images, icons, objects of idolatry, imaginary entities to be idolized and worshiped.  I still see them that way today.

Suddenly thrust into the World of Action Figure Collecting, Iíve watched with fascination, as all around me, grown men are playing with their toys again, and having lots of FUN with GLYOS!

And so, below, are several thousand words, all spoken well with pictures.  They were harvested from the Internet, like fruit, ripe for the picking.  As you shall see, the fanciful variations, and Outer Space Men combinations, that GLYOS Fans have put together, range from elementery to insanely creative.

Play on, ye friends of GLYOS!