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           "The first test shots for the Outer Space Men action figures have arrived at Four Horsemen Toy Design Studios, and the boys spent most of Thursday testing, reviewing and playing with the new arrivals.
Part of the playtime included testing the "pop and build" play system created by Onell Design owner, Matt Doughty which the Horsemen have incorporated into the new 3-3/4" scaled OSM figures by combining various OSM parts with Onell Designs' Glyos characters parts.
These images of the OSM/Glyos combined figures only represents a fraction of the time the Horsemen spent playing with the visitors from Outer Space. Just from these images alone, it's easy to see that the possibilities are endless!"

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          The first test shots of the Outer Space Men arrived on Planet Earth, in Glorious BLACK and WHITE.  One has to look twice to realize that the photograph above is actually full color. Meanwhile, this is what the Horsemen said about them: 

           "The images shown here are only early prototypes to be used as an example. The final production figures will be vibrant crystal clear and translucent colors, and awesome glow-in-the-dark!
Dubbed the Alpha Phase Waves, each exclusive OSM character will be done in a color that represents them as they utilize their phase mode to secretly invade Comic Con. These color versions are completely different from their upcoming regular edition versions!"
       The Four Horsemen introduced the first two Waves of Outer Space Men , Alpha 1 and Alpha 2, as San Diego Comic Con Exclusives, in July of 2010.
"Each exclusive version is limited to a total production run of only 300 pieces each, so theyre guaranteed to go FAST!"
"OSM Alpha Phase wave 1 will consist of translucent purple Astro-Nautilus - the Man from Neptune figure (with a clear yellow trident), and glow-in-the-dark Metamorpho the Man from Alpha Centauri (with glow-in-the-dark accessories) and will sell as a two figure         set for only $20.00!"
"OSM Alpha Phase wave 2 contains a translucent red Inferno, the Flame Man of Mercury (with translucent red accessories), and a translucent orange Xodiac, the Man from Saturn (with clear yellow helmet and accessories), and will also sell as a set for a mere $20.00!"

          And, suddenly, like little Dorothy, opening the, now familiar, monochromatic door of her Kansas farmhouse to behold the Wonderful Land of OZ, we saw Wave upon Wave of candy colored Outer Space Men reach our shore,  and bathe the World of Action Figures in over the rainbow TECHNICOLOR!
           Next came the Beta Wave, Phase 1 & 2, sold as exclusives  by “Toy Tokyo” and “Action Figure Express” at the 2010 New York Comic Con. Or as the Horsemen said:

“We are happy to announce our exclusive figure sets for the New York Comic Con (October 8th, 9th & 10th) - The Outer Space Men: Beta Phase waves 1 & 2!

You’ve read rumors and speculation that we were going to be bringing the Outer Space Men to the New York Comic Con and may have even heard that two of these figures were going to be being carried by another retailer besides the Four Horsemen. Well, now you know it’s all true, but we’ll also be partnering up with a second retailer to bring you these new OSM waves!

Online mega retailers Action Figure Xpress and Toy Tokyo will be bringing you their very own retailer requested color ways of the Outer Space Men by the Four Horsemen!

Each exclusive retailer will be carrying one figure from each of the two waves, and their allotted number of figures will be strictly limited to only 300 of each character!”

          Last of all is the 2010 HOLLIDAY EDITION, WAVES 1&2: Sometimes the best intentions can get muddled in translation; and that’s sort of what happened in the Galactic Holiday edition of the Outer Space Men.
          In this era of political correctness the Holiday edition of the Outer Space Men raised some complicated issues.  The concept as I understood it, or tried to, was that these OSM would come in colors, representituive of both Christmas and Chanukah, Christmas being red and green, Chanukah, white and blue? I guess that’s a reference to the flag of Israel.  The Horsemen debated, before placing the order, how to arrange the color scheme.  At one point, they considered doing the colors two ways, so one could mix and match the pieces.  In the end, Thank God, they didn’t, as just the accessories coming in both gold and silver was complicated enough and caused  confusion. Anyway, I found this all somewhat amusing to see which Outer Space Men were considered Jewish, and which were not. 
         Seeking some rhyme and reason in the selection, I came to the following conclusion:  Xodiac does look, somewhat, like a rabbi, or even Moses, maybe, and Inferno is a Chanukah candle!  That’s Jewish enough for me.  On the other hand, mollusks and nautilus are definitely not Kosher, and metamorpho might well embody the Holy Trinity, the essence of Christianity!  Logical choices all around!  Then, lest one might favor one religion over the other, they mixed them all together, so each selection is half and half, like me.

All that aside, crystal clear Xodiac is attractive, blue flames are cool, and red and green are favorite flavors for Jello.  Whats not to like?  You need them all!   The two assortments are shown below.  They are: Inferno, Metamorpho, Astor Nautilus, and Xodiac with Silver accessories.

And Xodiac, Astro Nautilus, Inferno, and Metamorpho with Gold.
          So here they are, all 6 delicious Waves of multicolored Outer Space Men!  They look good enough to eat; all lined up and marching in a row!  Are they setting off to explore the farthest reaches of our Galaxy, or merely heading over to Matt’s house, to mix and match and play with GLYOS?
         Courtesy of “It’s All True”, the entire line of Outer Space Men, up to December 2010, is shown below. As I said at that time, "May the line , and this page, continue to grow!"  It did as you all know.
The next Waves, 3 & 4 came rolling in, just in time for the San Deago Comic Convention in July of 2011. 
          Next came the Beta Wave, Phase 3 & 4, sold as exclusives  by “Action Figure Express” at the 2011 New York Comic Con.
          As of November 2011 this terrific photo by “It’s All True” brings us up to date, with another Holiday Series, still a mystery, on the way.
After suffering intense damage in pursuit of a rogue Traveler, Pheyden found himself drifting near the Edge of Space. Unable to generate enough energy to warp to safety, he started to fade into the dreaded Edge. Suddenly, from within this nebulous zone, a strange alien, Xodiac, appeared. He offered to save Pheyden in exchange for the Secrets of Glyaxian Technology. Left with no other choice for survival, Pheyden agreed to Xodiac's cosmic deal.

Now, many cycles later in a time of widespread conflict, Xodiac returns to the Glyos System, summoned by his bond to Pheyden and his old alliance with Glyaxia Command....
          Meanwhile Matt Doughty produces a Special Limited Edition Custom version of XODIAC, painted in the PHEYDEN style.  Thanks to a chance encounter with Pheyden long ago, Xodiac learned of the Glyos System and how to travel through the Edge of Space to get there...