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        I watched with sadness throughout the months that followed as Andy’s words proved prophetic, and the dreadful duo’s performance proved pathetic. They couldn't get their act together and fell far behind the schedule. Meanwhile, Galoob had commissioned me to create a slightly larger wax master of the doll so that after shrinkage it could accommodate the plastic eyes and match the prototype in size. That final wax, ready to go, can be seen below. I shot that composite photo an hour ago. It is one of the few remnants of the project that still survive today. They never used it in the end.
           Running out of time, and having failed to get their act together, the ladies panicked, and decided to use a smaller wax I had used to make the latex prototypes. This enabled them to eliminate the plastic eyes and paint them on instead. Thus, any chance of the doll looking realistic was dead.  The hair, rather than being layered, was rooted and had to be held down by a transparent plastic sleeve. Furthermore, having failed to seek licenses for brand-name accessories, they desperately designed generic looking ones themselves with a flair that one might call: Hong Kong horrific.

           And the packaging was more horrific still. The dolls are displayed, sitting in a cartoon nursery that looks like pages clipped out of a coloring book. They are wearing bullet proof plastic chest armor intended to be bibs.  One even has a hand drawn highchair with a warped cardboard tray. Well don’t let me color your opinion. HA!  Judge them for yourself below.

But First CLICK to watch the VIDEO and SEE what Real Little Nursery should have been. Then scroll down to see what it became.
Here is the Final product, BEFORE and AFTER. Which one do you prefer? 
       Oh! By the way, that label that says “Touch Me! I feel like a real baby”, is further testimony to the lack of understanding inherent in this effort. The Latex prototypes felt “different”. I guess one of the girls thought they felt like a real baby. She thought that was the “feature”. So it made its way onto the label, with a little hole to insert a finger and touch the vinyl. If you do, guess what? It feels just like real vinyl. Never did a better product come to a more bitter end.
       So ends the tragic tale of “My Real Little Nursery”. These dolls are exceedingly rare, seeing NO retailer in the USA would buy them. On the other hand, according to the royalty report, several hundred pieces were sold in Spain. We still have the final Waxes, if anyone would like to try again.