Options and Possibilities

:  The New Friends & Family Doll Collection is the only line of uniquely designed large dolls that allow girls the fun and creativity to select, build and play with their very own families of older and younger sisters and brothers. 

UNIQUE FEATURES: The New Friends & Family Doll Collection consists of dolls that portray diverse families of kids with similar looks but different in age, size and maturity…A Preschooler, A Toddler and A Precious Little Baby.  They are sold separately but it is easy to see that the redhead kids are in one family, the brunette another and so on.  There are a delightful series of girl and boy characters together with a broad depiction in age and size of racially diverse children-Caucasian, Asian, African-American, Hispanic.

Their clothing is contemporary with great attention to detail reflecting their individual personality.  They are fully poseable.  They stand on their own and the older 2 wear cool shoes.  Their expressions are priceless!  They truly put a smile on your face and a twinkle in your heart.   

The fun starts with girls making their own personal choice for a kid that is  “just like me” or 2 that are “just like my family” or “just like the big family I’ve always wished for!”… BIG OR LITTLE, LARGE OR SMALL, “FRIENDS & FAMILY” CREATE A LOVE THAT LASTS FOREVER!   

How many will you choose to join your family?!


Love is Family
We Are Family!
Magic Moments
My Family
Family Wishes
Forever Family
Family First
My New Family
The Love Bunch
My Real Family
My Family Moments
The More The Merrier (“There’s Always Room In Your Heart For Just One More!”)
Family Tree
My Big Family
Family Magic
Friends & Family
Friends Are Family Too!
How Big Is Your Family?
My Family…My Friends
Just One More (“There’s Always A Place At The Table And Room In Your Heart For Just One More!)
Family Fun
Families Are Fun!
The Family Club
My New Family
Your New Family
It’s A Kids’ World!

(DISNEY has a web site:  “Family.Com”)