The following summarizes the creative concepts discussed at the 2/10/03 brainstorm on the KisCom
Large Doll line currently referred to as “Friends & Family”.  As a next step we will be scheduling
meetings with the respective members of the development team.  


1. Baby Annabell/Zaph
Simple but beautiful baby dolls.
Represent quality.
Real Look & Real Accessories.

2. No frills Orient private label dolls-TRU, etc.
Low Price/Value.
Normally presents well in package.

3. Baby Born/Zapf
Conventional realism.
Classic, functioning features.

4. Shining Stars/Mattel
Pretty doll with star themed outfit.
Great marketing hook.
Great gift purchase.

5. Baby Sister Kelly/Mattel
Beautiful characters with fashion doll aesthetics.
Very tricked out.
Definitely not needy.

6. Cabbage Patch Kids/TRU
No 2 alike, loveable, imperfect kid characters that tugged at heartstrings.
First phenom in large doll category.
The look and adoption theme has run its course.

7. Direct marketing, status brands:
· American Girl/Today’s Girl
Contemporary like-me positioning for older girls. 
Great detail and quality.

· Pleasant Co. Historical Dolls
Characters grounded in literature.
A world of period fashions/accessories

· Pleasant Co. Biddy Baby
Beautiful babies with exquisite accessories.
The collection provides that perfect, special gift.


· You don’t have to be a “MOM” to nurture….Family and Friend relationships provide a broad
opportunity for nurturing a child-nieces and nephews, big and little cousins, aunts and uncles, big
sis/brother/little sis/little brother; your best girlfriend’s child; a loving neighbor.
· A friend’s home in the neighborhood can provide the feeling of belonging to an even bigger
· Friends & Family provide instant acceptance…it’s a “Members Only” club.
· It’s natural to aspire to belong to a family…A friend’s family is even more gratifying because
you’re “voted in” vs. “born to”.


It means:

· Automatic best friends.
· Acceptance.
· You belong.
· You are responsible for each other.
· It extends itself outside the immediate family, so it’s…
· Diverse by nature…ages, shapes, sizes, races.
· You share experiences together.
· Security.

You feel:

· Loved.  Accepted.  Nurtured by each other.
· The joy of physical emotion-kisses, hugs especially 3-way hugs!
· A sense of pride (almost status) in belonging…..just like you’re “part of the family”.
· Safe and Protected…nobody picks on you.
· Always comfortable with each other.
· It feels like a club and you belong to it.
· Like not only do you have a best friend….. but you have a best friend and your best friend’s


· The following is a summary of creative options we brainstormed on 2/10/03 which will help
jumpstart the theming, naming and positioning of this brand:

“The More The Merrier”…..How big is your family? The fantasy of having a big family.  The snapshot
of a Norman Rockwell dinner table.  Not perfect.  Very real. Think about the look on the little boy’s
face with the tummy and jeans. (Never big and bad…always cute and clever.)  Think the kids’ table at
Thanksgiving.  Very timely…. Something our country hungers for.

“Yours, Mine & Ours” Rooted in the memories we all have of the big, old house down the block
bursting with kids, dogs and a never-ending stream of friends of all ages.  Piggy back rides for everyone
and “do it again, do it again!” Casual, comfortable, warm, fun, welcoming.  Spontaneous sleep-overs
and always “yes” to the classic staying-for-dinner question. 

“My Family Album”  Family gets bigger.  Kids grow up.  New Cousins, new family members.  Short
bio’s give each member their character, their relation to each other.  A virtual family tree that takes you
back in time through the generations.  (e.g. the family generation photos that we brought to the
brainstorm.)  Offer a free family portrait with every purchase at a Wal-Mart and bring your “new Friend
& Family addition to the sitting!

“My Jennie”…You choose your best friend, your favorite character or perhaps your little sister/brother. 
You buy her at any age you choose.  Jennie as a baby, as a toddler as a preschooler.   Sold separately are
the age-appropriate (Ages & Stages!) toys/clothes for the various characters.   “She grows too just like

“Story in a Box”…..You choose your favorite character to begin to “Build A Family” but you don’t
what the family is going to be.  Packed  inside is a photo chromic picture photo that’s ready to be peeled
open.  You don’t know who the rest of your family is going to be until you open the photo!   Provides a
magical cross-sell experience.  Could reveal an instant winner also.   Or could  come with a disposable
camera so you can begin to create YOUR story with your doll.

“Pets Are People Too” …. No family is ever complete without a pet.  When you buy the “Complete
Family Set” or when you “Complete Your Family” send in proof of purchases and we will send you a
FREE pet….dog or cat…your choice.   NOTE:  This could also be the name of a Year II or Year III line
extension for the Friends & Family Line.   (see below for a marketing program that includes a pet offer.)


· Include a badge/pin that pictures the character you bought.  The pins are highly collectible.  The
more you buy, the more pins you collect, the stronger the status amongst your peers.

· Each character comes with a “I made it just for you, Mom” creation that you can collect and
display.  Each is unique in some way just like the child that creates it.  Macaroni necklaces, a
homemade pin, a picture for your office or the fridge.   It’s beautiful to Mom because of the
sentiment.  You cherish it as you cherish them!

· Create a Holiday Gift Set with all (2 or 3) family members.  Mail in proof of purchase and get a
free pet of your choice-dog or cat.  OR:  Make a limited edition Holiday Set of Kids that comes
with the dog or cat. 

· Host tea parties for kids and their “families”….a la American Girl flagship stores.

· Create a family reunion sweepstakes.   Enter to win an all expense-paid trip for your family and
bring your “family” along too!

· Receive a postcard in the mail announcing “the arrival” of “Jennie’s” baby sister or
brother….create a craze!

· Create a poster as a free gift with purchase.  Each character comes with a photo sticker that you
place on their family tree.  Add more stickers as you buy more family members!

· “Collect Events”…..deliver on “Celebrate the Moments of Your Life”….(e.g. Dean’s wonderful
story of sled-riding).  Each character comes with a book of “events” that he/she did with her

(The following is a “late add” concept.)

· “The Family Network”…when you buy a Friend or Family you can mail in or (email) your
information-name/address/ or name and email address-and if you choose we will register you in
our “Family Network” and we will provide you with the names/email addresses of girls in your
neighborhood that bought a Friend or Family.  You can communicate and share stories OR you
can have a Friends & Family PlayDate!  Once your friends come over you can all do the fun
games/crafts/story making activities found on the Friends & Family web-site.  (All this is done
ONLY with parents’ permission.)
· As an alternative, the pictures and bios of all the Friends & Family Members would be posted on
our web site.  The little girl can go in and create her very own “playdate” with the Friends &
Family characters; a picnic playdate, go on vacation playdate, etc.   The fun is putting the various
members of the Friends & Family line into different combinations.  You can “play with” so-and-so
today and then later so-and-so, etc. etc.


· My Family Moments
· Frozen Moment in Time
· Magic Moments…..The More The Merrier
· Family Tree
· My Day
· My Big Family
· Family Photos
· “You Won’t Believe What Happened”
· A Squeal in Every Box!
· Family Matters
· My Family
· My Special Day
· Oops!
· Family Magic
· Picture Perfect
· Friends & Family
· Friends Are Family Too!
· The More The Merrier
· How Big Is Your Family?

Late Additions:
· “Just One More “……..
· “There’s Always Room At The Table and a Place In Your Heart For Just One More!”
· “The More The Merrier”….”A Place In Your Heart For Just One More!”