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Mel Birnkrant's “Annotated Archives”

          Sometime in 1969 I began work on a series of 13 “Hot Wheels” sized Vehicles, one for each of the Outer Space Men. Each Vehicle had a matching driver.  When completed, the product boards were sent to Hong Kong, and several months later a crate containing 13 miniature models arrived at my loft in Manhattan.   Like the Outer Space Men sculpts before them, the Asian artists had captured the essence of the designs, but the details left a lot to be desired.  They were made of that same fragile clay as the earlier figures.  God knows how I was going to re-sculpt those tiny drivers.

           But, by that time, my concerns proved academic, for  the Outer Space Men were clearly over.   Thus, the case of raw clay models went into the cellar and  languished there for several years.  Eventually I rescued them and painted them in jewel-like colors, achieving a unique iridescence by using colored ink sprayed over silver.  My partners took them to Mattel and tried to sell them as a Hot Wheels line extension.  Mattel did not embrace the concept.  But, judging from the line of candy colored Hot Wheels they came out with the following year, I guess they liked the colors.
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CLICK each Vehicle below, Once to see original Product Board and Again to see the Painted Model
These pencil sketches were suggestions for possible line extentions.
Pass MOUSE OVER to see Transparent Domes
This Board offered peliminary suggestions for potential color combinations.
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