Here are the six Stories of the second series as they appear on the back of each package.

Question:    I read that some aspects of the copy you wrote for the characters were tongue-in-cheek, but I still find it compelling.

  I loved the crazy pun filled copy under the photos of Famous Monsters magazine.   I remember a photo of a Morlock from the film "The Time Machine", being menaced by a man with a flaming torch.   The caption read "You're Fired!"  I thought that was hilarious!  The little stories on the package backs had a lot of that in them.  Clichés and puns, that I liked to turn around to imply an unconventional, but surprisingly appropriate, double meaning:   As the one-eyed Cyclops travels throughout eternity, forever seeking “more than meets the eye”.
I might add, that I once heard a quote from Picasso, who when asked how long it had taken him to do a particularly quick looking drawing, answered, "All my Life".  That is true of those stories. I did them in minutes, but had spent a lifetime, filling my head with the clichés that now spilled out and settled on the page.
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