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         Awesome and Imposing, this “Giant from Beyond the Milky Way”.   I was running out of planets, and in 1969 no one had yet heard of “A Galaxy Far, Far Away”, so the Milky Way would have to do.  I let out all the stops on this guy, equipment up the Wazoo!   Price wise, I hope the Four Horsemen aren’t biting off more than they can afford to chew.   Perhaps they can pass the extra expense off to you.

To me, the Mego Figures appeared meager.  I wonder how many years later, it was, before action figures got clip-on armor?

     The original clay models below were, by far, Hong Kong’s best effort so far to save the need for much refining.  They were really getting better.
       The shots below are for size comparison.  While not much taller than Colossus Rex, Cyclops appears much bigger, bulkier, stronger.  The photos only hint at how much more massive than Colossus Rex  the Cyclops looks in person.