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           The overall intention of Gamma-X was to create something multidimensional that, by its very complexity, would confound the senses.  He represents my naive attempt at Alien Geometry.  His transparent casing was intended to supply an additional level on which the silver disks that adorn his body would appear to float in space.   Also key was the back plate, which was intended to be mirror plated in order to reflect his anatomy into infinity.  Well, I was all very nice in theory.  Alas, it was not as effective in the world of reality.  But nonetheless, Gamma-x remains ahead of his time, even to this day.

Oh, by the way, back in 1969, Glow in the Dark was still a novelty.  It has become commonplace today.  Back then there were only two colors, green and blue.  Both were popular and glowed with equal intensity.  Over the years, blue seems to have gone away. So, I guess, green will have to do.

Last of ,all the weapon that plugs into his head should have a transparent cone-shaped cover, now missing.  It can be seen in the final photo of the carded figure.