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by Mel Birnkrant
          Here are the remaining Outer Space Men’s images as the Four Horsemen will get them, everything that they will need to recreate the last three OSM: Gemini, Gamma X and Cyclops.  Eventually, if Fate is kind, these final figures will be joined by yet one more, still waiting to be born.

This new site owes its inspiration and creation to Cyclops.  Of all the figures in either series he is the least known and most elusive.  Because of his complexity, his armor, guns and double helmets, he has never been photographed, or seen complete before, even by me.   For the past few days he has been standing on the desk beside me, fully bedecked in all his glory.  And glorious he is, indeed!  His presence even impresses me.  And, perhaps, for the first time, I realize how far ahead of their time the OSM really were, Cyclops, especially.  Many years followed his creation, before anything resembling him was seen.
          I never paid much attention to the Mego figures that came out 5 years after the OSM, other than to notice how cheesy they appeared to be, and to realize, with a certain whistful sigh, that we, Colorforms and I, could have, would have, done them so much sooner, so much better. 

Harry Kislevitz had a fondness for movie serials, and thus Buck Rodgers was the chosen property, next in line to follow the OSM in 1970, along with the DC and Marvel Superheroes.  But Fate and fiscal caution decreed that this was not to be.  Thus, we moved on to more mundane things, like Colorforms “Stick-Ons” etc.  And, grateful just to have a means to make a living, and continue collecting, I never looked back upon the past and mourned lost opportunity. 

Therefore, I barely noticed as Action Figures became a category, and Comic Conventions went from merely being about comic books to include the Universe of Action Figures that seemed to grow up, overnight, while I was sleeping.

I guess, because I was so demoralized by the premature demise of the OSM that when the samples of the Second Series arrived from Hong Kong, I never bothered to dress the Cyclops in all of his equipment.  Now here he stands, fully attired for the first time ever, talking to me, and telling me a story that I never took the time to heed.   “Hey Boss! Look at me! After 45 years of sleeping in a drawer, I can still hold my own, ready to stand proudly along side the vast hoards Action Figures that followed on the path I charted, nearly a half century ago”. 

And so, The Outer Space Men and I present this “ANNEX”, a place to store the Odds and Ends of OSM history, those little bits and pieces of OSM imagery that, otherwise, would remain buried.  Now, here they are, newly dug up and discovered, old memories recovered, by sifting through the Sands of Time.