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Copyright Acknowledgment: All images of THE OUTER SPACE MEN , THE WORLD OF THE FUTURE and other Products and Images, created by Mel Birnkrant, are Copyright (c) MEL BIRNKRANT

         Zero Gravity is the most popular and jocular of all the lunar astronauts stationed on the Dark Side of the Moon.  His lighthearted and uplifting personality elevates the spirits of his crewmates, Terra Firma, Jack Asteroid, and Luna Eclipse, aboard the Starship USA.  Always jovial and upbeat, Zero Gravity lives up to the promise of his name.  Laughing, even in the face of danger, he is never glum or grave.  His Puranium powered back pack enables him to navigate the Moonís glowing subterranean cities, and levitate above this ancient satelliteís bleak surface, buoyed up by the force of levity, while floating freely, through the realm of Outer Space.  
         I put a lot of effort into hitting the right note for this character.  I hoped to convey the fact that he is extremely good natured, and even, to some degree, a joker. I visualized a big glow in the dark grin, which is something that, in my very limited involvement with action figures, I have never seen.  At the same time, I was afraid that his big grin would come off as goofy or sardonic, or worse still, that I was making fun of him.  I think the drawing gets it pretty much all right.  He looks handsome, heroic, and dignified.  But Eric, I love the fabulous look you brought to Jack Asteroid.  Please feel free to add any nuance to Zero that inspires you, or you see fit.
         Here too, I think it would be nice if the whites of his eyes could glow, But I so like the perfect highlights in Commander Cometís eyes, I would gladly forgo the glow to repeat that perfect painting Zeroís eyes.  I guess all the rest is self-explanatory.  The same suggestions that I described on Lunaís page apply.
         And here are Luna Eclipse and Zero Gravity together.  They will now be passed on to Eric Treadway.  Once he works his magic, the figures will be returned to me.  Then these web pages will continue.  Eric, the size of these heads may be a little large in these drawings.  When sculpting them, please make direct comparison to the actual figures of Jack and Terra to make the new heads are consistent.
         Like Astrodite, they will be painted and photographed by yours truly. Then the new packages will need to be created, again that is a task that I will undertake.  At that point, Luna, Zero, and Astrodite will head for Hong Kong.  The new mold that will be created will incorporate all three, and one additional head that will be chosen from the existing characters that were not completed.  Which one will it be?